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Types of Knee Replacements?

Types of Knee Replacement!.................

Have you ever wondered what are different types of Knee Replacement? There are many different types of knee replacement surgery depending on need and patient selection and patients knee related problems.

Have you got Knee arthritis? Has your spouse got arthritic knee pain? More over let us say your friend has gone to the doctor and asked about knee pain diagnosis to identify knee arthritis. So all three have got arthritis pain in knee but is it same? No, of course not right.

Arthritis varies from person to person and thus its arthritic effects on knees also vary from person to person.

Not all knee osteoarthritis symptoms are same for all patients then how can be main osteoarthritis treatment ie. Knee replacement be same!

Thus there are different types of knee replacement surgery depending on severity of arthritis pain in knee.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery- One of the most common type of elective knee surgery in which articular or joint surfaces of both Tibia and femur are replaced with foreign body particles usually called as implants.

total knee replacement surgery

Some knee replacement surgeons prefer to replace patella as well.

This surgery has got very high success ratio and usually patient satisfaction is very high among all types of knee replacements.

The reason patient satisfaction is high because patient feels whole new life after surgery. It’s also called full knee replacement.

partial knee replacement surgery
Partial Knee Replacement Surgery:

As the name suggest it’s not a total knee but partial knee replacement surgery so only affected part or compartment of the knee is replaced with foreign body particles or implants.

(As this surgery is only for replacing affected compartment of knee its also called unicondylar knee replacement.)

(Please note that although among different types of knee replacements unicondylar has got advantages over total knee there are not too many patients who would be ideal candidate for partial knee replacement surgery.)

(So if your doctor has asked you for this surgical option do your research and talk to your doctor in detail about your knee replacement recovery.)

Knee cap replacement- It is also one of many types of knee replacements where in only undersurface of patella and lower end of femur surface are replaced by implants.

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knee cap replacement

knee cartilage replacement

Knee Cartilage replacement: Knee cartilage replacement is a new technique in which the injuries to knee cartilage are replaced by new technique in which knee cartilage is replaced.
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So among different types of knee replacements which one suits your needs? Still not sure take your own time and go through different pages and take your decision.

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