Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery

"Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery gives faster recovery then any other type of knee surgery."

Have you heard that?

Have you heard your friend telling you he or she had been on their feet in 2 weeks and it was far less painful when compared to other surgeries?

Or you would hear that I was discharged from the hospital in 3-4 days and I did not need any exercises to be done?

If you have heard patients telling this kind of unfamiliar things or doctors explaining to you very faster recovery time, think that they are talking about minimally invasive knee replacement surgery.

Let us see what are good and bad about this surgical option for your arthritis knee pain.

MIS knee replacement

I am sure you must be knowing what is knee replacement surgery but let us re-brush a bit so that when you have to understand Mini Knee surgery you are well prepared.

Let's see!

Knee replacement surgery has been used as a osteoarthritis treatment of knee for many years. It started in around 1970.

Every year there are around 600000 knee replacement surgeries performed in America only. If you add up other countries of the world I am sure the no could go very high.

Why these many no of surgeries a year?

Because from my point of view it is the most result oriented treatment for arthritis knee pain with success ratio as high as 97-98%.

NO wonder it is preferred treatment for many patients and doctors as well.

As we already said knee arthroplasty has been performed for last 40- 42 years.

And as science and technology evolves new new techniques comes in every field. Medical field is no exception.

That is how minimally invasive knee replacement surgery has come.

In coming section let us see the differences between two surgical approaches by comparing them.

Differences between both surgeries

MIS Knee replacement

Incision length- 3-5 inches long

Less invasive

Less blood loss

Blood transfusion mostly not required.

Quadriceps tendon is not cut.

Less trauma to muscle and soft tissue.

Hospitalization is shorter-1-2 day

Comparitively faster recovery- usually 1 month.

Less pain after surgery.

Less chances of scar tissue formation so less pain.

Joint range is relatively easy to achieve.

Regular TKR surgery

Incision length- 8-12 inches long

More invasive

more blood loss

blood transfusion mostly needed before surgery.

Quadriceps tendon is cut.

More trauma to muscle and soft tissue.

Hospitalization is longer-4-6 days.

Comparatively slower recovery-usually 3-6 months.

Comparatively more pain.

Possibility of scar tissue formation higher thus increasing pain.

Takes time to achieve range of motion at the knee joint.

Is minimally invasive knee replacement surgery for all?

After comparing these two surgeries should we think that one is better then the other?

I would say although we can see advantages of Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery over other surgery are higher, still it is a new technique and much research has to be done regarding its efficacy.

Although every one would like to recover faster weather your knee is right for this kind of surgery has to be decided by your knee replacement surgeon.

Please, please take your time and decide properly because your knees are precious and few months here and there would not affect much but a decision surely will.

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