Best Knee Replacement video

Searching best knee replacement video?

I understand why now a days people search for knee surgery video on internet especially on you tube!

Because now a days consumer wants to see what knee replacement surgeons exactly do before they decide weather to go for surgery or not.

And it is fair enough because in earlier times before advent of internet consumer( patients suffering from knee pain) to believe what the doctor has to say without first hand knowing about it.

So many times patients are not prepared properly for surgery and thus they could not get better recovery.

Although there are many videos on you-tube about knee replacement and other types of knee surgery I would say the following video is most popular and I like it most.

Why this Knee replacement video

Before putting this video as my favorite video I literally spent 10-12 hours going through different videos.

There were really so many good videos and I hate choosing one but I thought I have to chose the one best video which can be really easy for my viewer to see and understand the complexity of the complex knee arthroplasty surgery.

There are so many videos of knee replacement on the web which give basically the same following information:

  • How Knee Arthritis develops
  • What are the symptoms
  • Knee surgery animation showing how different prosthesis (which could be of any of the manufacturer like stryker, Depuy, Biomet, Zimmer etc) implanted on the bone.
  • How they open the knee joint showing knee muscles, knee bones etc.
  • Once implant is fixed how they close the joint and resuture it.
  • It shows human knee with incision and cut human muscles(Which could be graphic too)

Why I selected because it was done on Cadaver. A cadaver is a body which has been donated by body donor or family members to medical institutes so that future medical doctors could learn basic human anatomy and also to do research and development.

Also some other reason for choosing this knee replacement video over others is before starting surgery doctor explains whole information about:

Also it is long video so take your own time and see the whole video because it is the best knee replacement video(according to me at least)

Please go through it and watch the video.

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