How and when to plan
Knee Replacement Surgery?

Planning for knee replacement surgery?

When planning for holidays is a daunting task, I am sure planning for knee joint replacement is a major task for anyone.

I would say when going for a major surgery like this one you have to do enough research. Why to do so much research?

  • Because it is a major surgery.
  • Depending on where you leave it could be pretty expensive procedure to carry out. (Please check this article on cost of knee replacement.) The reason it could be important consideration is because where I live now that is in Ontario I think we don't have to pay any money for undergoing knee replacement surgery but if I am living in India (where I come from) or USA and if I don't have enough health insurance then it is a very expensive surgery. I may be wrong here bue
  • Depending on where you live it could be a big occasion for your family too because they have to be along with you in your surgical journey.(This happens especially in India where whole family is involved in surgical process.
  • It is a major surgery so weather your body will cope with it or not? So many times it has happened that without proper research some one decided to undergo surgery but then their body could not withstand the major surgery and they would not recover well. Although I would say it happens quite rarely it does happen and you have to understand your body capabilities.

Knee replacement surgery analysis

knee replacement surgery

Before undergoing knee joint replacement you should be well prepared with following few topics:

Knee Anatomy: You should have basic understanding about your knee joint.

Knee pain: When your knee pain is hampering your lifestyle you shOould find more about it.

  • What factors?
  • How severe is pain on 1-10 scale?
  • Is it sudden pain or dull aching pain?

Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis:

What options you have?:

  • Should we further continue with non surgical treatment or embark on surgical options!
  • If surgical what all options you have?

Recovery Process: Before undergoing surgery you should talk to your surgeon about what to expect in recovery ?

Most importantly you should chose your knee replacement surgeon very wisely because it could make or break your life.

I hope this article will help you deepen your understanding about knee replacement surgery and help you take your decision wisely.

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