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Best knee replacement surgery video is hard to find because there are so many videos available on the youtube.

Last video what I showed was of traditional knee replacement surgery.(Well it was on cadaver and if you have not watched it please click here because if you have understood the traditional surgery then only you can understand minimally invasive knee replacement surgery better.)

So for better understanding I have given video 1 which is animation video about knee replacement and also it has a surgery performed which is very short video about 15-20 minutes.

Video 2 is the best video for understanding whole knee surgery procedure and also to see who all perform it and how it is performed from beginning to end. I highly recommend watching these video before you watch current video on this page.

Third video in the series is a step further. It is a video on this page. It is about computer assisted minimally invasive knee replacement. Which is also some times called MIS knee replacement.

MIS knee replacement surgery video

What is MIS knee replacement?

Well as we know change is evitable and it is true with the health care technology.

Has computer been a part of your life? Well it is of mine and of yours true so that you are browsing my website for knee treatment solutions.

In terms of knee replacement protocols there is standard surgery and there is computer assisted knee arthroplasty.

Below we will see main difference in brief so that you can understand the surgery better.

Still one more time I am reminding you to watch knee replacement surgery video 2 first so that you can understand this video very well.


  1. Used since last many years.
  2. 8-12 inch incision.
  3. Recovery is longer compared to MIS.
  4. Discharge from hospital few days longer then MIS.
  5. Knee muscles are cut to reach the knee joint.
  6. Widely acceptable among knee doctors.


  1. Recently introduced in last few years.
  2. 4-6 inch incision.
  3. Recovery is shorter compared to standard.
  4. Discharge from hospital few days shorter then Standard.
  5. Knee muscles are not cut to reach the knee joint.
  6. Relatively new technique and few doctors approve.

My sole purpose of explaining these differences is not to make one surgical approach better then the other but just for my readers to understand it and to take the decision.

Well MIS knee replacement also has its problems and complications as with standard knee replacement surgery.

And now to much awaited knee replacement surgery video.

Please be advised that it is a operation done on a patient like me and you . There will be blood and skin incision so please be advised about it.

If you have undergone MIS knee replacement surgery and would like to share your story or concerns with other people who are researching knee replacement surgery as an option for their knee arthritis.

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