Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

Knee replacement surgery recovery expectations differs among patients.

One of the most commonly asked question regarding knee replacement from the prospective of the patient is “how well and soon will I recover from my surgery?”

Have you asked that question to your doctor? It’s likely you have, and if not, I am sure you or your family has at least considered it.

It can be an extremely stressful time for a patient, even if they are assured by their surgeon they will be ok; factors that affect this include past experiences, anxiety (generalized and the thoughts associated with being disabled for a long period of time) and general fear of surgeries.

Let us dig deep into the reality of knee surgery recovery and learn all we can!

total knee replacement recovery

Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery facts

  • "Will I recover fully?"- If you have this question in your mind, let me assure you that “Yes, you will absolutely recover, as long as you follow the knee replacement surgeons advice and guidance.”
  • "Will it be quick?" - No, it won't be quick and if someone is telling you different please disregard their advice; you will not be running and jumping a month after the surgery so it’s vital to come to terms with this reality early in the process.
  • "Will it be painful?"- Yes, there will be pain associated with the process; it’s an operation where your body had been cut open to essentially perform carpentry work on your knees (sorry to all knee doctors for using ‘carpentry’ word here; we realize your work is much more than that). Don’t worry though; medical professionals aid in pain management and you will be surprised at how quickly you learn to cope with pain through the use of medication and your therapist’s advice. Eventually all the pain will subside and you will be happy you opted for the surgery. Trust me, I have seen so many patients enter the hospital barely able to walk due to terrible arthritic knee pain; on the day of discharge from the hospital they’re walking with the help of a walker and you can see happiness on their face. This surgery nearly always increases the patient’s quality of life.
  • "When will I don’t recover fully?"- You are the right person to answer this question. Will you regularly perform your exercise prescribed? Will you be honest to yourself and do all the tasks related to your recovery? If you ask any surgeon they would also agree that you are the ultimate catalyst for your recovery. So many factors come into picture here: your age, your knee condition prior to operation, knee muscle and knee bone anatomy, your body’s immunity system, just to name few. Also, depending on the type of knee replacement surgery (Total, Partial, Cartilage, Arthroscopy, Knee Cap), recovery time will differ for each. Normal recovery time could be anywhere from 3 months to a year or more.

Have realistic expectations regarding your knee replacement surgery recovery; it will save you frustration and disappointment if you go into the process with the right attitude. You will be living an absolutely different life following your knee replacement surgery, but remember it won't be overnight.

Factors adversely effecting recovery

You would have to be very unlucky to have any of the two factors which are beyond the control of knee replacement surgeons.

But you have to think are you one among the 98% who recover very well; be positive or you increase your chances of becoming one among the 2% of unfortunate people whose condition deteriorates following surgery.

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