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Who is really best?

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Have you heard it? Have you seen presentation given by team of doctors in auditorium basking about their success and their achievements.

Have you attended any of those presentations where there are many patients filled in auditorium to hear presentation from their knee doctors about how they can only relieve your arthritis knee pain with their magic treatments?

I have been to quite a few.

First as a team member of the hospital team comprising of knee replacement surgeons, therapists, other staff members and also as a family member of the patient who was confused between going for arthroscopic knee surgery or knee arthroplasty.

Let me say if they are mentioning or basking about their success , they have all right to because they have changed life of many people.

Here I would like to mention how I would select a best knee surgeon.

But before I do this I want to tell a short story how my method of selection gives you better chances of success.

One day when I was doing grocery shopping with my family( few days before 24/05/2012) I saw a lady really suffering from her knee pain.

I just approached her to inform that I have created a website for knee pain solutions and if she would be interested in having a look.

While talking to her I found out that she had already undergone knee replacement surgery and she has gone from bad to worst.

She could hardly walk and we can see her discomfort visibly.

Strangely the guy with him who was her husband also had undergone knee replacement and he was absolutely fine.

Wife first went for surgery and then husband.I won't bore you with what all thing they told because I was talking to them for almost 45 minutes.

(After finishing grocery when I came back to car, my wife and son were upset because it was holiday and I wasted 45 min of my family according to my wife and son.)

But I learnt a very important lesson in my life which I would like to share here with any people who want to go for surgery and are consulting different doctors.

knee replacement surgeons

Selection Criteria

If I were you, I would do following things:

  1. Before talking to any of selected knee replacement surgeons make sure you have sorted your finances if you have to pay out of your own pocket.Please research cost factors.
  2. If you have an insurance plan make sure your knee doctor has got affiliation with it. Usually all doctors do but still to make sure.And it is your own responsibility as a patient to do so.
  3. Do not feel shy to ask a question. Knee replacement surgeons are also a kind of salesmen selling their product to you . And like any other product before buying make sure you have satisfactory answer to your queries.
  4. Know more about doctors training and years of expertise in joint replacement field he is having.
  5. Ask for references whom you can contact and ask your questions about their experience with doctors. Most importantly you should ask about post operative care and follow up experiences of patients.
  6. Do your window shopping. Take second, third opinion.
  7. Talk to your family doctor who can tell you more about the knee surgeon.
  8. In this times you can always research the best knee doctors online about their reviews, what other people have to say about them.
  9. Help and be helped. Share your experiences about doctors on the web that way so many of the people (remember the lady I talked about in my story) does not suffer.

And following point is the most important point according to me. This can make or break your knee replacement recovery and your life after surgery.

A word of caution

Weather you are going to your neighborhood doctor or big hospitals for total knee replacement surgery, if you are among those 2% people then you can develop surgical complications which results in problems and infections.

But if you go to specialist these chances are less because they know the drill. Its a routine work for them and so you can have some kind of relief.

Specialist or general?

So many times we hear about weather to go for knee replacement surgeons or best orthopedic surgeons?

I have been an advocate of specialist since beginning but after comparing those couple stories I confirm that knee replacement surgeon is a way to go.

Let me ask you one thing, For your BMW or Mercedes which car mechanic you will go to? Will it be a BMW certified mechanic or some general mechanic?

By comparing this I am by no means insulting orthopedic surgeons who are highly qualified people in this world.

What my point is something about expertise. When you devote all your attention to one specific thing and that it human knee joint and its problems your expertise increases many folds.

I am sure you must be agreeing to this point of view.

So please if you have to go for, please go for knee replacement surgeons who are highly focused expert on your arthritis knee pain treatment options.

And also if you have back pain please do not go to knee doctor but look for best orthopedic surgeon to help you with it.

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Please if you have a real life experience or you liked what I have shared with you here please comment in comment section so that other people who read this can get benefited.

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