20 most essential Knee Replacement gifts for loved ones!!!

Knee replacement gifts

Best knee replacement gifts for loved ones!

Are you or your loved one is due for Knee Replacement Surgery soon in the next few weeks?

Either if you are a Prospective Knee Replacement patient or your loved one is going for the surgery, then it is a very stressful environment at home and in the family.

Imagine a magic delivery of " Knee Replacement Gifts" on your porch!

How would that change your morale and mood?

I don't know about you, but it will change my patients' morale for sure because they know that someone is caring for them and is helping them with faster knee replacement recovery.

Since I am the Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist who works with Knee Replacement patients in the comfort of their home, I know a thing or two about it.

I have seen many of those Knee surgery Gifts Box on the porch of my patients, and I can tell you what all gifts are most useful to patients in the faster Knee replacement recovery.

So let us look at some of the best knee replacement gifts that you can give someone, or you can receive from someone, and that will change your morale.

For the sake of understanding and prioritizing, we will divide it into three segments: Essential safety products and essential recovery products and semi-essential comfort products since nothing on this list is nonessential.

Safety Oriented Essential
Knee Replacement Gifts

When I say safety-oriented essential Knee surgery gifts, I am talking about products which have helped my knee replacement surgery patients with recovery and not having those products can cause Knee replacement problems that I have discussed earlier.

Raised Toilet Seat

Since Knee replacement procedures are ever-evolving, and many patients are undergoing outpatient Knee replacement surgery and minimally invasive knee surgery, and prospective knee patients start ambulating immediately following knee surgery.

However, they are not able to have a knee bend for a while. So although they have begun limited walking with the help of a walker, they will not be able to use the standard commode. Also, they have those knee incision which is tender and still raw, so bending too much knee initially can potentially open up the incision and can be a Knee replacement complication.

So by having a raised toilet seat, you are eliminating the possibility of incision opening, and also it boosts the morale of the patient when they can get up quickly from the commode. Raised toilet seats come in different styles and different prices, but they are not very expensive, and since they are made of Plastic and are lightweight they last long.

Bed risers or furniture risers

As we discussed earlier, taking care of the incision and avoiding undue strain on the new knee is essential early on in knee replacement rehab protocol.

So by using this Bed or couch risers what you are doing is avoiding the deep squats that happen with low couch sitting or low beds.

SHower stool and shower mat

Showering is an activity of daily living that requires some standing and navigating through wet surfaces.

Many of my patients have prepared their home by having a sturdy and stable shower stool and other essential shower safety products like grab bars and shower mats.

Please do not take this part lightly as it can be the most significant safety hazard and can result in fall(which has happened to my patient and was a colossal Knee Replacement problem)

Knee Replacement Footwear

You will be walking a lot after knee replacement surgery and why wouldn't you?

One of the main reasons for undergoing Total Knee Replacement surgery for many patients is to regain that lost walking(not running) ability and be independent and enjoy life.

As a part of my home exercise protocol for my patients, daily walking is essential and to walk, and you need to have perfect and comfortable shoes.

I have written about the characteristics of the footwear in " Best shoes for Knee replacement surgery patients."

Knee Wedge pillow

Some patients are reluctant to this and might not agree to wedge pillow being an essential safety product for Knee surgery patients but allow me to explain why they are here on the list. 

Insomnia or lack of sleep after knee surgery is a widespread problem that many people complain about.

Another common complaint of knee replacement patients is having back pain after knee surgery.

So from my point of view, having a knee wedge or knee pillow can eliminate both the problem of twisting the knee awkwardly as well as help you with reducing low back pain by bending your knee.

Knee replacement scar gel

Scarring of Knee replacement incision is a widespread issue that many patients have, and thus they are reluctant to expose their knees by wearing shorts or swimming suit.

So applying a scar gel for knee replacement is one of the daily activities that my patients do, which helps them diminish the Knee replacement scar marks.

If you want to look at some Knee replacement scar tissue images or how to take care of Knee replacement incision healing.

Have you used any of those products? 

We will continue with next set of Knee replacement gifts in part 2 where we will look at essential knee replacement gifts which helps in recovery.

Please if you have a real life experience or you liked what I have shared with you here please comment in comment section so that other people who read this can get benefited.

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