Which knee muscles makes a knee joint?

Knee muscles plays a very important role in healthy functioning of knee joint anatomy.

Muscles around knee are primary reason why movements occurs at the knee joint.

Main Knee Muscles groups

There are mainly two groups of knee muscles:

  1. Muscle at front of thigh (Quadriceps)
  2. Muscle at back of thigh (Hamstrings)

Let us see in more detail about each sets of muscles group.

Quadriceps Knee Muscles

Quadriceps means 4 heads in Latin.

Quadriceps femoris, a group of bulky knee muscles at the front of the knee is very important in functioning of knee joint.

It has 4 heads which originates from different part of femur and join together to form quadriceps tendon at knee joint which crosses and attaches to Tibia as Patellar Tendon.

Quadriceps Muscles Anatomy

  1. Quadriceps Muscles run from Hip to Knee in front of thigh.
  2. 4 Heads: Rectus femoris, Vastus medialis, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Intermedius
  3. Common Problems associated with them are quadriceps tendon rupture, quadriceps injury, quadriceps tear.

Quadriceps muscles functions

  1. Straightening of knee joint.
  2. Controls movement of patella bone(Knee cap).
  3. Primarily work for propulsion of body forward by working in coordination with other group of muscles.

Hamstrings Knee Muscles

Hamstring muscle is a group of 3 muscles that are at the back of thigh.

Hamstring muscles run from hit to knee joint and plays important role in hip and knee movements.

Their main function is for Knee Bending.

Hamstrings Muscles Anatomy

  1. Hamstring muscle are located at the back of thigh from hip to knee.
  2. Hamstring anatomy constitute 3 muscles: Semimembranosus, Semitendinosus, Biceps Femoris.
  3. They all are supplied by sciatic nerve.

Hamstring Muscle Functions

  1. They are main flexor of the knee joint and thus their main function is bending knee.
  2. Hamstrings work better in open chain situations where distal part of lower limb is free to move.
  3. Hamstring anatomy allows for forward propulsion of body by clearing the lower leg for stepping forward.

Other Knee Muscle- Popliteus

Other then quadriceps muscles and hamstrings muscle knee joint is also having a very small but important muscle called Popliteus.

It helps in knee rotation to some degree and in knee stability.

Its main function is to unlock the knee while walking by laterally rotating femur.

So to understand your root cause of knee pain we must understand knee bones, knee muscle, knee ligaments, bursa etc.

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