Knee Joint Replacement and
the Physical Therapist

Knee joint replacement is done! Now what is next?

Does a good knee joint surgery guarantee the ultimate good outcome and good recovery?

Does it mean you will be able to walk independently ASAP without undergoing rehabilitation?

Nope, I think surgery is just one step of whole process.

If we think of the initial consultation with your doctor as an admission to a school, I think any type of knee surgery is just a graduation from school. Yet university education ie.physical therapy and self rehab is still left.

In this section we are going to discuss about knee joint replacement and role of physical therapist in the recovery process.

As a physical therapist (please check about me page to know more about me) I would say a physical therapist plays so much important role that I thought it is worth describing their role in knee replacement recovery.

Who is Physical Therapist?

Knee joint replacement

A physical therapist is an allied health care professional. He/she helps people who have knee injuries or illnesses improve their movement and manage their pain.

They are often an important part of rehabilitation and treatment of patients with chronic conditions or injuries.

I am sure as a patient you must have visited a Physical therapist before finally deciding about undergoing Knee joint replacement surgery because physical therapy is also non surgical treatment option for osteoarthritis of the knee.

Also once decision is made regarding your knee replacement surgery a physical therapist helps patients with preoperative exercises which helps in strengthening and toning of the knee muscles and helps in recovery.

Role of Physical Therapist in
Knee joint replacement

Once surgery is done and the patient is medically stable the whole onus of care is responsibility of therapist.

As a part of rehabilitation team they help people with post operative knee strengthening exercises, generalized movement exercises and also teach them about gait training.

Once patients gets discharged from hospital a home therapy sessions with therapist are so vital for ultimate recovery of patient that every patient must get a home care therapy sessions from licensed physical therapists.

Also they are the professionals who come in more contact with patient because they see patients quite often.

I think the patient develops kind of an intimate relationship with their Physical therapist because they also have the same goal as of your doctor that is to make your recovery as optimal as possible.

A good physical therapist

If getting a good knee surgeon is so much important, having a good therapist to help you with your rehab is also so much important.

I am not telling this because I am a therapist but because Therapists play role not only in therapy session but they also to help build self esteem and courage and are source of motivation for the patients.

Some of the qualities of good therapist are:

  • Helpful
  • Caring
  • Approachable
  • Kind and compassionate

With an important surgery like knee joint replacement proper exercises has to be followed.

A good therapist is also prepared for some of the known challenges that come on the way of recovery.

Those challenges could be :

Also after discharge if there are any problems or complications to patients like infections the Therapist could inform the doctor and also to the patient so that immediate care and necessary actions could be taken to prevent major problems.

So many times it has happened and I have heard from many people who have undergone knee replacement surgery that therapists are not social.They don’t believe in creating relationships with patients.

Although as a therapist I have to gain the maximum recovery for patients following knee joint replacement and for that I might have to be aggressive too but what I have to understand that pain baring capacity of each patient is different and being too aggressive also can deteriorate the recovery of the patient.

A Physical therapist’s visit to patient should give patient a confidence and strength and hope and not fear and anxiety.

Love your patients and treat them as human being and not as a merely consumer. (This last statement is for those therapists who are not social animal and who does not treat their patients with dignity and respect. If as a patient you have got caring therapist ignore the last sentence but if not then make sure you get the best therapist who helps you in your knee joint replacement recovery.)

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