Knee Injuries overview

knee injurie

Knee injuries could ruin some athlete's career.

So many people around the world suffer from knee related problems including arthritis related problems as well as ligament injury problems.

The main difference between arthritis and knee injury is abrupt onset of pain that can be associated to sudden knee injury.

Many times you hear about knee injuries to your favorite athlete in many contact sports like football, soccer, basketball, rugby.

So many times it happens that a professional athlete has to stop playing the sports because of the knee injury problem.

But does it mean it can happen to athlete only and not to other people? No it can happen to other people like me and you too who does not play sports professionally! So it is good to have information about it.

Frequently we have a question why there are so many incidences of Knee injuries? The simplest answer to that question is the complexity of Knee joint.

To understand the knee injuries we have to understand the Knee anatomy better and for that to happen please go through knee anatomy section which has all information about knee muscles, bones and ligaments and cartilage.

If we see knee joint is made up of articulation between lower end of femur, upper end of tibia and knee cap or patella which glides in tibio-femoral articulation.

The knee joint is surrounded by many ligaments which are intra capsular as well as extra capsular. The main function of knee ligaments is to provide stability to the joint as well as prevent any excessive abnormal movement which could be detrimental to knee joint functionality.

Meniscus which is also known as knee cartilage also plays important role and thus prevent shock absorption on the knee joint.

Knee joint is largest joint of human body and its complex anatomical structure and its role in weightbearing of body makes it more prone to injury.

Although knee replacement surgery is not required for injuries but if untreated they can lead to knee arthritis and for that replacement surgery may be needed.

Depending on the which ligament involved knee joint injuries are broadly divided into 4 subcategories:

1. ACL injury- Mainly occurs in contact sports such as soccer or rugby when athlete has been tackled from back side pushing tibia very forward.

2. PCL injury- Occurs when athlete tackles opponent from front or also in motor vehicle accidents.

3. Collateral ligament injury

4. Meniscus Injury- also known as torn cartilage.

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