20 gift for knee surgery patients or your loved ones! Part 2

Gift for Knee Surgery

Part 1 of  gift for knee surgery patients compilation contains list of essential gifts which are safety oriented and at the same time help with recovering. So if you have not looked at part 1, please make sure to look at it here.

In this article we will talk about most essential knee replacement gifts that mainly helps in faster knee replacement recovery.

Essential Gift for knee surgery patients that help in recovery

Please keep in mind that these are the gifts that help you with Knee Replacement Recovery and are considered must-haves by many Knee Replacement patients.

Indoor Exercise bike

Since you will not be able to go out of home and ride your outdoor bike, you must start using a stationary bike inside your home.

In an article about how to chose exercise bikes for knee replacement patients, I have described my criteria for ideal knee replacement exercise bike.

Heel sliders

Heel slider with straps is an essential Knee replacement gift for my patients.

It helps you with regaining the full range of knee flexion. Sliders help it moving the knee easier and whenever there is resistance strap can help you pull in passively, thus increasing the knee movement.

They also help stretch the tight hamstrings, which can cause back pain.

Resistance bands/ankle weights

So far, we talked about mobility exercises to regain the knee bend.

Improving the knee muscles strength is essential for recovering from Knee surgery and restore independence.

Some of the knee strengthening exercises can easily be performed with the help of inexpensive resistance bands or ankle weights.

Ice Therapy Unit

Knee Replacement Ice Machine

Doctors routinely suggest using knee replacement ice machine to help with swelling after knee surgery.

Icing after knee surgery has many benefits including pain relief, anesthesia, swelling control etc. and thus it is recommended to do ice therapy 2-3 times in a day for a few months.

Proper comfortable clothing

Knee Replacement Clothing

Proper clothing is essential because not only it improves the comfort of the patient it helps with recovery as well.

Imagine you are doing knee mobility exercise and have worn tight legging which will restrict the knee bend. 

It will not help the patient recover faster because patients will not be able to bend the knee properly and will be uncomfortable for them to measure knee range of motion with tight leggings or long tight pants.

Aerobic Stepper

In advanced phases of Knee replacement rehab, we will need this aerobic stepper which will help strengthen the knee muscles.

Many times gift for knee surgery patients are given for immediate knee replacement recovery but we have to plan for long term and this aerobic stepper comes in handy in future when person has gained sufficient mobility and strength.

Comfort Gift for Knee Surgery patients 

When I say semi-essential list, my many patients do not agree with it, and as per them, it is the most essential since these products increase their comfort level in the home. And for them, comfort and knee pain relief is the reason why they have decided to undergo knee replacement surgery.

Recliner Or Comfortable Chair

chair for knee replacement patients

Ideal Knee replacement age for many knee replacement patients is after 60 years(although it is changing, and many young people are going for knee replacement surgery).

They are almost at retirement age or already retired. So lazy boy chair or recliner is essential for them.

After talking with nearly a thousand knee replacement patients, I have compiled an article on selection criteria for the best recliner chair for knee replacement patients.

Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets are part and parcel of day to day life, and we all are consuming it continuously in our busy schedule.

Few weeks to few months after surgery while you are in knee replacement rehab, you will have too much time on hand at that time electronic gadgets like ipads and DVD players will be essential to break the boredom.

Colouring Books

coloring books for adults

I do not need to mention anything more about the use of colouring books in boredom management.

They not only keep you occupied with those amazing are work but also make you forget about the pain that you are having after surgery.

I highly recommend colouring books for anybody who is undergoing surgery since it will help you coping up with post operative knee pain.

Electronic Massager

Who doesn't like to be pampered? I do, and all my knee replacement patients do.

So electronic massager is one of the commonly sought after gifts for Knee replacement surgery patients.

Almost all of those above-mentioned knee replacement gifts played a vital role in the Knee replacement recovery of many patients, and I am sure it will play the same role in your case too.

So many times people ask me that won't get well card to be enough or good? Get well card helps with emotional recovery, but for the physical healing to happen, you will need the tools of the trade.

Is there any other gift for knee surgery patients that comes to your mind which will help them with faster knee surgery recovery or increase their comfort level?

Please if you have a real life experience or you liked what I have shared with you here please comment in comment section so that other people who read this can get benefited.

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