Exercises for knee pain, Will it work? Which exercises I should do?

"Exercises for Knee pain? Won't it increase my knee arthritis pain?"

"What so special about those exercises? How can they be a conservative alternative to knee replacement surgery?"

"Will it help me in long run?"

"Have they got any adverse effects on my knee osteoarthritis?"

These all are the questions most commonly asked by patients when they come to see a doctor with their osteoarthritis symptoms.

Have you got these questions in your mind? Do you ever wonder how knee strengthening exercises can help you with your pain?

Here I will try to answer all above asked questions and hope I can show you importance of exercise in knee rehab.

Won't it increase my knee arthritis pain?

The commonest question that many people ask when they talk about correlation between arthritis knee exercise and knee pain is, will it pain?

Well It depends on so many different things:

  • How severe is your knee osteoarthritis symptoms?
  • Are you doing correct exercises for knee pain?
  • Is your pain acute or chronic?

But on a whole I would say exercises are so important and very critical in overall health of person.

Along with that they also improves the knee muscle strength and preserve joint anatomy structures.

Can they be alternative to
knee replacement surgery?

Well if not permanently then for time being for sure.The reason I say this because as we know arthritis is not a disease, its a degeneration.

And there is no harm with these exercises for knee pain because they give strength and improves functionality of knee joint.

I would say exercises done as a alternative to knee replacement can be very useful after going for any knee joint replacement surgery( If nothing works out and eventually you have to go for it?).

By doing those exercises you have already strengthen your muscles but also you know what to expect in your post surgery rehab. Thus it helps you with your recovery process too.

Please see different types of exercises section for more information.

Also check if fibromyalgia is causing you knee pain. If your pain is constant then you should definitely check this great article on exercise for knee pain caused by fibromyalgia.

Knee Exercises- Adverse Effects

Well not precisely!

Exercises does not have any adverse effects on your knee osteoarthritis symptoms provided you do them correctly.

What I mean by that is if you have so much knee arthritis pain and still you would do high impact activities like jumping, or fast aerobic activities then it will flare up your osteoarthritis symptoms which will results in sore knees.

I would recommend following exercises for knee pain: mild aerobic exercises, swimming, slow elliptical exercise which should not cause any trouble to you as long as you know when to stop.

Also exercise done in early stage of arthritis helps you recover well from any surgical intervention that you have to take if needed in future.

Check Knee Exercises section for different kind of exercises that you should do.

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