Alternative to Knee Replacement

Another alternative to knee replacement is Acupuncture.

Why an alternative?

May be you are not yet prepared for surgery due to many reasons including financial, social and psychological factors.

Let me tell you for sure that as long as you are in hand of good knee replacement surgeon your success is guaranteed.

None the less we are going to discuss here about Acupuncture.

Some of the other alternatives that you can use it are:

  1. Lifestyle modifications
  2. weightloss
  3. Exercises
  4. knee injections
  5. Braces
  6. Arthroscopy
  7. Osteotomy
  8. Prolotherapy or magnetic therapy
alternative to knee replacement

Acupuncture for knee pain

When a person age there are numerous medical condition that is starting to develop which is caused him/her to suffer pain.

These medical conditions include arthritis, joint pain, rheumatism and more. However, these conditions can be also accumulated from an accident, work injury and sports injury.

If a patient’s knee suffers pain due to these conditions and the ligaments and tendons are damage which may lead to a more serious arthritic situation like limited mobility if it is taken for granted.

Surgical interventions are last source of treatment for debilitating knee pain if any other traditional alternative to knee replacement  has failed however it can be expensive due to knee replacement cost.

There are other alternatives for knee replacement that are commonly recommended and prescribed by medical professionals.

One of it is Acupuncture, an alternative medicine practice that originates in china that treats patient by directing and inserting solid and thin needles to acupuncture points in the patient’s skin.

It helps to stabilize and adjust the flow of energy or chi in the human body and the disruption of chi or energy can cause or can contribute to a disease that is being suffered by a patient.

Acupuncture procedure is being used by therapist to manage pain because it has the capability to relieve pains caused by some medical condition and injuries.

Acupuncture is considered as an affordable and safe alternative to knee replacement procedures like surgery and numerous patients who undergo acupuncture procedure was able to relieve the pain they are suffering from conditions like arthritis.

Effectiveness of Acupuncture

If you are suffering from knee pain and you don’t want to undergo expensive knee replacement surgery, it is important for you to be aware of the recent studies about the relief of osteoarthritis via acupuncture procedure.

It has been proven that one of the most effective ways to relieve pain caused by damage ligaments and tendons is acupuncture procedure which is less expensive compare to the usual knee replacement surgery.

Acupuncture for osteoarthritis is being used to relieve pain and swelling or inflammation in the joints which is affected negatively by medical condition.

The benefit it provides is it allows the joints to move easily without the patient feeling pain. Arthritis acupuncture deals with treating points located all over the human body not only the affected area of the disease.

The duration of the treatment depends on the artritic pain  symptoms of the disease but there are patients that experience changes of the first treatment which only proves that acupuncture is one of the most effective ways to relieve pain caused by medical conditions like arthritis.

Acupuncture has  became popular alternative to knee replacement and many therapist, and medical professionals recommends  the procedure to patients not only because of its benefit to reduce pain and increase mobility but also the fact that acupuncture is safe, and inexpensive.

If you are a person who suffers pain from joint problems trying this natural and holistic treatment is best for you to try than choosing to undergo knee surgery.

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