Sex after Knee Replacement Surgery

After knee replacement surgery will I be enjoying my normal life?

This is the commonest question that many people have and ask their ortho surgeon while discussing life after knee replacement.

Although people are embarrassed to ask about sexual activities with their partner people always have this thing on the mind as well.

Perhaps the answer to this question is yes provided you understand your bodily limitations and go accordingly.

A person could have sex as soon as the pain allows.

However, there are restrictions on various activities of those knee replacement patients.

after knee replacement surgery

Ideal timings for Sex

As long as both men and women are comfortable enough to have sex, they could resume their activities. It is said that sex could still be enjoyable after your operation.

However, it would be likely advised by your surgeon to avoid sexual activity initially after your surgery.

Usually, it takes 4 to 6 weeks before a patient could resume their sexual activity. Hence, if they are healthy enough after partial knee replacements it would safe for them to have sex.

Knee replacement surgery is likely done to patients that experience stiff and painful knee making it hard for them to perform even the simplest type of activities.

Generally, this surgery is usually availed by people ageing 50 and above that has severe osteoarthritis. Sex after knee replacement surgery could be considered depending on the patient’s healing state after the operation.

Perhaps, the most common problem encountered by patients after knee joint replacement is kneeling. 

Hence there are some creative positions in sex that they could do to avoid pain and possible injury when they are having sex.

Range and comfort of motion would likely be the patient’s issues when having sex after a knee replacement; however, with the use of various sex positions, they could still enjoy sex without worrying about being uncomfortable.

Some safer positions

Some creative positions for sex after knee replacement surgery that could be used by knee replacement patients are lying on the back position, standing position, and lying on the side that is not operated.

Lying on the back position usually allows patients to use less energy when they are having sex as well as decrease their movements.

On the other hand, lying on the side that is not operated is done by placing a pillow between the patient’s legs for the support on the leg that was been operated.

Other sex positions that are safe to use by knee replacement patients are the face-to-face position, sitting in a chair position, and woman lying and the man kneeling position.

Woman lying and man kneeling position generally works for the woman with a knee replacement.  It is usually advised for patients to avoid sex positions that involve kneeling to prevent injury of their replaced knee.

Preplanning for Sex

Sex after knee replacement surgery could be easier if knee replacement patients plan it.

It is likely advisable to take mild medication for pain for about 20-30 minutes before having sex. I would say the same thing you should do before your home therapy session begins too or you are on CPM machine.

These mild pain medications could prevent minor aches of the patients while they are doing their sexual activity. Hence, with the use of rolled towels or pillows as body support could certainly help patients avoid pain when they are having sex.

Sex after knee replacement surgery is safer with the advice of a surgeon. If your partner has a replaced knee, you could help him or her to stay safe within a certain range of motion.

In addition to that, you could also control the amount of movement as well as the speed when both of you are having sex to avoid them suffer pain or get another injury.

Same as with returning to work, it might take some time from person to person but for sure you will be able to enjoy it.

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