Total Knee Replacement Revision due to trauma or falls.

Total Knee Replacement revision

Quite often, total knee replacement revision has to be carried out when patient falls down while doing daily activities like bathroom falls and slips or when involved in motor vehicle accident.

First of all, knee replacement revision is a very complex surgery when compared to routine knee replacement surgery so finding a knee specialist to do revision knee surgery would be the best options for that unlucky patient.

As you would have already understood by now, routine knee replacement surgery involves replacing articular surfaces of arthritic bones with knee replacement implants. To fix those implants to shaved knee bones, the doctor has to use bone cements.

The role of bone cement is just like cement used in construction that is to bind or join the parts. It binds the knee replacement implants to the shaved knee bones.

Having seen how implants are fixed to knee bones it will be easy for us to understand total knee replacement revision surgery following falls.

When someone falls after knee replacement surgery, bone surrounding the metal implants breaks resulting in periprosthetic fracture.

This situation makes the knee replacement implant loose, because they do not have any support from the surrounding tissue.

Having said that bone cement is still doing the job and so this kind of knee replacement revision surgery is tough and involves so many different complex procedures. The knee implants are still attached to the knee bones with help of bone cement.

To do the revision knee replacement surgery old cement particles has to be completely removed from the bone which is a time consuming process and involves more complex knee surgery and there is excessive blood loss associated with complex surgery with longer operation time.

Another problem with this kind of complex knee surgery is increased incidence of scarring which itself is a matter of concern for many knee replacement patients.

This kind of total knee replacement revision surgery involves longer recovery periods, because after this surgery, there is prolonged time of limited weight bearing.

You might ask why limited weight bearing following periprosthetic fracture. It is because the fracture has been fixed with fixation techniques, which involve the use of wires, plates, bone grafts and screws.

To help heal that fractured bone with the help of all those instruments a prolonged limited weight bearing is recommended by your knee doctor and followed by patient and therapist.

Therefore, if you want to avoid this kind of knee replacement revision, please do take good care of your new knees because they give you good active life but they also demand good care of themselves.

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