Is Total Knee Replacement surgery for you?

Many people call it all different way.

Some call it Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

Some call it Total knee arthoplasty or arthroplasty.

Some call it Knee Joint Replacement Surgery.

I wonder what you call it ?

But it does not matter what you call it as long as you are having knee joint pain and you want to get knee joint pain relief.

Let us today understand what is this hype about most talked and most successful knee pain treatment ever.

Although Knee Arthoplasty is not as new as Total hip replacement, this knee surgery has been performed since 1970s and its not at a new phenomenon in medical world.

When comparing numbers of hip replacements to total knee replacements, later has outgrown by a considerable numbers.

As with everything awareness for total knee replacement surgery has increased many folds in recent years due to technological advances giving better results along with more desire to live normal active daily life style without any debilitating knee joint pain among patients.

Researches shows that those people going for knee replacement surgery can have 93-95% success rate at 10 years follow-up.

That means among people who would have gone knee surgery 10 years ago at today's date, 93-95% would feel improvement in their life and feeling better.

I hope many of the people who are reading this page of my website would be among this group or will come back 10-12 years down the line and share their experience.

total knee replacement surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery Statistics

The no. of knee arthroplasty done in a year is an approximate number and does very from year to year.

Many orthopedic surgeons tells that it is constantly going upward year by year as there is aging population with more active lifestyle and also numbers have gone up for knee replacement surgery performed in people under 65 years.

Below is the knee replacement surgery statistics by main countries:

  1. America: 676,000 Total knee arthroplasty performed
  2. UK: 80,000 Knee Replacement surgery performed
  3. Canada: 35,000 TKR surgeries performed
  4. Australia: 29,000 TKR done
  5. India: Counting....

These numbers may not be accurate as the demand for total knee replacement surgery is always increasing.

There are other alternatives too so if you are not ready for surgery check other options too.

Total Knee Replacement Overview

Have you ever wonder when is the right time to go for Knee Arthoplasty surgery for you?

Well you are the right person to decide on that because you can judge your own pain tolerance and individual situations and other issues.

But let us see why do you get knee pain for which you need to undergo surgery?

Most common cause for Knee pain is Knee Arthritis due to Osteoarthritis. Another common cause or underlying disease could be Rheumatoid arthritis.

Detailed knee pain diagnosis can rule out the underlying cause for your knee pain which will help doctor guide you properly.

Have you got any of these questions?

So many people have too many questions to ask to their best knee surgeon but can not ask them because of Doctors are so busy and you don't get enough time to ask all the questions.

At the same time you also forget to ask some questions to doctor.

If that is the case do not worry as in following section you will get all the answers to commonest questions asked by patients on total knee replacement surgery.

Relax..., go through each point and relate it to yourself.

  1. How will be my recovery following surgery?
  2. What is the cost of surgery?
  3. How soon will be my recovery?
  4. What it Revision Knee Joint replacement?
  5. How can you make it less invasive for my body?
  6. What exercises to be done before surgery?
  7. What exercise to be done following surgery?
  8. What care to be taken after surgery?
  9. What are limitations?
  10. What complications and problems to avoid following joint replacement?
  11. Will I have pain following knee replacement surgery?
  12. What home modifications should I do at home?

To understand Knee Replacement better

In order to understand your total knee joint surgery better you must understand your knee better by understanding your knee bones, muscles and ligaments better.

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