Total Knee Replacement video on demand

Total Knee replacement video!!!

Have you ever watched that before?

Have you seen your knee joint anatomy and structure before?

If not then sit tight as you are going to see a set of videos which will explain to you different things ranging from

Are you ready? Are you scared to see blood and human flash?

Well it may contain blood and other incisions on human body which may not be suitable for kids.

Parents discretion is advised. PG 14 !!! Just Kidding!

Coming back on serious note, I am sure you already must be knowing What is

Still if you want to go through those sections before watching total knee replacement video you must do that to understand the surgery better.

Animation video

First video is about surgical process and what all things they do in this surgery. It is more of a animation kind of video so hope you guys enjoy it and understand the procedure.

Knee Joint Replacement video

Second video is about surgical process demonstration. Once again it is graphic content and be prepared for watching the video because it can be scary for some people.

Did you like the video? I know no one like to see the blood and doctors cutting human flash but it was there for people to understand the surgical process.

I hope I have served my purpose of showing people a typical knee surgery video to make them understand process better.

Some Advice

I would say when ever you go for consultation with your knee replacement surgeons please make sure you be prepared for that consultation properly.

Some of the common questions that you must ask your doctor are as follows:

Once again hope you have enjoyed and understood total knee replacement video.

Also check video-2 which is very informative too.

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