Total Knee Replacement Recovery Guide

Total Knee Replacement recovery

Total Knee replacement recovery !

Recovery can be a very serious issue for many people who are considering knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement has been performed for last 30-40 years with a very good success rate of 95-98% success rate.

Although it is considered a relatively standard procedure in aging or athletic adults, there are also chances of complications as is the case with any other major surgery.

In your consultation with your knee replacement surgeon it is imperative that you ask all your questions and concerns regarding the surgery and recovery; the more knowledge you have the less chance there is for complications.

It is very much a safe and result-oriented surgery and that is the reason every year there are more and more people undergoing knee replacements; it allows them to, once again live an active lifestyle.

After undergoing total knee replacement recovery, it’s very common for questions related to planning out the many things associated with their personal and families’ lifestyle.

It requires a relatively large (although temporary) life change; patients have to take leave from their jobs, have to plan their vacation time around it, have to go plan on when they will be back to work or their place of business etc. Depending on the line of work the patient is in, lifestyle changes will differ drastically from person to person.

When my mom underwent arthroscopic surgery for her knees she too extensively asked her doctor questions related to her recovery due to her family commitments of being a housewife.

The main reason the people ask about total knee replacement recovery is that although they are undergoing a major operation and have heard about the outstanding results knee surgeries can bring, they still want to make sure that they will be satisfied with the results.

Your body is your most important asset; it’s completely normal to want to be completely sure you’ll be better after surgery than you were before.

Factors affecting Recovery

The success of the recovery process for total knee replacement surgery is dependent on the following factors:

Age: They say age one of the most significant factors in the recovery process for any surgery, and knee replacement surgery is no exception.

Generally speaking, an ideal age for undergoing knee replacement is around 55-65 (taking into consideration that most do not undergo this surgery until their later years) but there can be exceptions as each individual is different.

Also a point worth mentioning is people older than 75 will take relatively longer than younger individuals to recover.

Physical health: People with debilitating health have statistically shown to take longer periods of time to recover than people who are in overall good health. Also diabetes, stress, blood pressure and other lifestyle related diseases also play important roles in recovery process.

Severity of preoperative knee arthritis: Very often people delay the operation causing knee pain to become chronic; in these cases, it can play a role in the amount of time it takes a patient to recover.

Knee replacement surgeon: A good knee replacement surgeon can be the difference between increase mobility and a surgery with complications. A good surgeon with many years of experience, along with sincere commitment to your health, will deliver very good results. Look for doctors who treat you as a person, not an experiment.

Your Physical Therapist: Once your knee replacement procedure has been completed and you are discharged either home or to a rehab facility, a therapist plays a very important role. Read more about the role of therapist here; they are necessary to keep the progress continuing and making sure the regeneration of your knee strength is on track (as far as recovery time and physical movements).

Yourself: Although there are many professionals involved in the process, the ultimate person that can help with recovery is you and your willingness towards your rehab protocol.

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