Have you researched
Partial Knee Replacement surgery option?

Partial Knee Replacement

We hear about Partial Knee Replacement Surgery or Unicompartmental knee replacement surgery often but not as often as total knee replacement surgery.

Ultimate objective of going for knee replacement weather partial or total is to relieve arthritic knee pain and live active pain free life.

Life is constant change and so is technology and medicine.

Although number of total knee replacement surgery are far more than unicondylar surgery still it is growing as well.

Whats partial knee replacement?

partial knee replacement surgery

Partial knee joint replacement surgery is an ideal alternative for total knee replacement surgery.

It is gaining popularity among patients and doctors because of following reason:

  • Smaller incision
  • Faster recovery
  • Less trauma
  • Less blood loss
  • Retention of natural knee

What they do?

Human knee joint has 3 different compartments, medial and lateral tibiofemoral compartments and patellofemoral compartment.

The idea of minimally invasive unicompartmental knee replacement is to have a small incision and remove the most affected knee cartilage compartment and leaving much of the healthy knee cartilage intact.

Most importantly partial knee replacement implants are placed between affected compartmental surfaces.

Some times knee cap replacement is also done with partial knee surgery approach to treat knee cap injuries.

Are you right for
Partial knee replacement surgery?

Have you ever considered why there are less number of partial knee arthroplasty performed in comparison to total knee replacement?

I tried researching why it happens and so I contacted many knee doctors and best orthopedic surgeons who always deal with arthritic knee pain. What they told me was very eye opening!!!!!!!!!!!

They told me that not every individual is right candidate for unicompartmental knee replacement surgery.

Partial knee surgery is for all those people who have tried all alternative treatment approaches to relieve their knee pain like medications, injections, physical therapy and weightloss to name a few and has not felt any improvement in their arthritis knee pain.

If your arthritis is confined to only one compartment of knee or you have localized compartmental knee pain then its a right choice for you.

Why it is not a right choice for many people?

Ideal candidate

An ideal candidate profile:

  • Not too young not too old
  • Couch potato kind of lifestyle means sedentary life
  • Not obese
  • Joint structures like knee ligaments intact
  • Understands the limitations of partial knee replacement surgery

Unfortunately for many people its not a right choice because they simply do not fit those criteria.

Ideal candidate

Good candidate

xray of partial knee replacement

Bad candidate

xray of partial knee replacement 1

Candidate A

57 year old

Overweight but not obese

Sedentary life style, couch potato attitude, loves watching Tv.

Knee pain diagnosis reveals inner compartment effected but ligaments especially ACL intact.

Understands chances of revision arthoplasty and ready for it.

Candidate B

76 year old

Visibly obese

Walks regularly although it pains because he believe no pain no gain.

Knee pain diagnosis reveals all joint structures damaged with multicompartment involvement.

Does not have courage for revision arthoplasty if needed.

So considering all the factors to get successful outcome out of surgery doctors would chose Candidate A over candidate B.

I hope I am making some sense to you guys.

So although it has many advantages not many candidates are right for unicompartmental knee replacement surgery since they think surgery as the last option for osteoarthritis knee treatment and by the time they approach doctor for treatment their knees would have totally worn out.

Are you one of them? Ask your self.............

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