Pain after Knee Replacement

"Pain after knee replacement" does this sound familiar to you?

Have you heard about people who are still having pain after knee arthroplasty, one of the best treatment for extreme knee arthritis cases?

So many times people ask me "Is it common to have pain after knee replacement?"

My answer is yes and no.

Knee replacement surgery is a major surgery and if you can understand the typical recovery process after surgery you can understand this pain issue very well.

Have you heard too much about this pain issue from your friends and others. Let me assure you that if you read this article,you can differentiate between a normal pain scenario and the abnormal one (run to your doctor if you have abnormal pain.)

Almost 90-92% and more would be having no pain or some negligible pain following the surgery and for them this surgery is life changing.(rough estimate)

But what about those people who are still having pain after knee replacement?

knee replacement pain

Normal Pain Scenarios

Of course immediately following surgery there will be pain. But here you have to understand that it is a major operation and your knee joint has been opened, a foreign implant has been put inside and then it has been closed.

You did not feel anything at the beginning because you were given anesthesia. And as the effect of anesthesia goes away you would be having a little bit of pain.That is absolutely normal thing and you would agree with it.
By telling this I hope I am not scaring people about total knee replacement surgery as we have seen miraculous results following this surgery.

Pain during exercises- If you follow your doctor and physical therapist well in this stage and do not pamper yourself a lot(sorry if I hurt you because I have seen many patient who are so much scared about the pain during exercises that they do not cooperate well in this stage).

Your knee replacement rehab will start on the same or next day of your surgery.

I put special emphasis on first few days of rehab where you can get maximum range of motion in your operated knee joint. So it might pain a little and I am sure It won't be much (although pain is a subjective thing and mine and your perception of pain differs).

It can be stretching pain after knee replacement where your operated muscles would be stretched a bit and your scar or surgical incision would feel a stretching.

One more time please cooperate maximally in your knee replacement rehab.(Please see what happens if you do not cooperate well during knee replacement rehab)

Pain Following discharge-6 Months: Pain in first couple of month during recovery phase is normal thing.

Your body takes time to adjust with the newly fixed implant as well as from years of joint deformity your muscles would have been weak and so they would take time to get strengthen and so you might have pain.

But it won't be any pain compared to what you have before operation.Continue your knee rehab and home exercise plan as given and you should feel better.

Pain following 6 months to 1 year: If you are still having a pain after this time and if it is intolerable pain then you must speak to doctor and your knee surgeon.

By this time all the issues with your knee would have resolved and it should not effect your day to day life. Rather you should be living an entirely different life now.

By this time you would have already completed your rehab with your therapist and would have full range of motion in your knees.

Abnormal knee replacement pain

Some of the commonest causes of abnormal pain are following:

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