Oxford Partial Knee Replacement

Biomet's Oxford Partial Knee replacement implant is made in order to fix just one portion of your knee, which is the medial portion.

As we have discussed earlier in partial knee surgery the procedure has its advantages and disadvantages.

For patients with just partial knee arthritis, also known as compartmental arthritis, surgeons can choose to do a partial knee replacement.

Usually knee arthritis happens first in the inside part of your joint.

In knees which are or else healthy, a partial knee surgical procedure can conserve the healthy cartilage, ligaments as well as bones potentially avoiding or delaying the call for complete knee replacement.

Biomet as a company

Biomet Orthopedics is the leading manufacturer of Oxford partial knee replacement system.

As the largest orthopedic tool producers all over the world, Biomet Orthopedics believes in giving possibilities for constant training as well as education on the effective usage of their highly state of the art and different product line.

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The state of the art Oxford partial knee implant is indeed the most extensively practiced and used clinically partial knee all over the world.

There’s no assurance that every implant will function successfully for a particular extent of time, because there are a number of variable which has an impact to the life of knee implant system.

Oxford Partial Knee Replacement

Advantages of Biomet Oxford Knees

According to the research the long standing clinical outcomes regarding Oxford Partial knee replacement established a 92.4 percent survivorship at ten years, 94.0 percent at fifteen years and 91 percent at twenty years.

Compared to other knee implants, Oxford knee is presently the only completely mobile bearing fractional knee system accessible in the US.

Study has shown that fractional knee replacements with transferable plastic bearings such as Oxford partial knee have small wear rates, prospectively providing them longer life of expectancies.  The device has free floating feature that potentially provides for a more convenient feeling knee.

In a good physical shape knee, it has a meniscus that acts as a distress absorber among the bones ends.

Oxford partial knee is the primary fractional implant that has artificial meniscal bearing made so as to glide without restraint throughout your knee’s variety of movement, more closely duplicating normal movement.

What is partial knee replacement?

Not like complete knee replacement which eliminates all the surfaces of your knee, a partial replacement of your knee just replaces one portion of your knee joint.

Some benefits of the Oxford partial knee replacement includes:

  • It eliminates 75 percent less bone as well as cartilage.
  • Less painful.
  • Allows patient a fast recovery.
  • Offers more natural movement if compared to a complete knee replacement.

Through retaining the entire unharmed portion, your joint can bend and work more naturally.

As we have seen advantages of partial Oxford knees I am sure every body will be thinking of going for partial knee replacement rather then complete knee replacement.

Not all of you are contenders for partial knee replacement. It is very essential to discuss the situation as well as the treatment choices with your doctor.

Biomet provides the widest selection of fractional replacements accessible, giving your doctor with supreme and beyond compare flexibility and adaptability so as to address your case.

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