Osteoarthritis symptoms

Osteoarthritis symptoms can vary from person to person.

But understanding most common symptoms can prepare you for arthritis knee pain and related treatments.

First of all let us see what is osteoarthritis.

As we already discussed in Knee arthritis page Osteoarthritis of the knee is a joint inflammation that results from cartilage degeneration.

What do you think about heredity influence on arthritis? It has been known fact that heredity plays a role in knee arthritis.

Along with that aging as well as trauma and injury to the knee joint are also causing arthritic knee pain.

If your doctor does not ask you to do blood test for osteoarthritis of the knee please do not be surprised. Usually blood test can not detect knee osteoarthritis

Common Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Have you ever wondered what would trigger an arthritic process to start?

What care should you take that it does not happen to you.

Let us see some of the most common Knee osteoarthritis symptoms:

  1. Individual joint involvement
  2. Usually worse in early morning and later part of the day
  3. Swollen Knees
  4. Deformity
  5. Joint appears to be warm on touch
  6. Knee Stiffness
  7. X-ray showing wear and tear
osteoarthritis symptoms

Single joint involvement is one of the main symptom that differentiate osteoarthritis of the knee from other systemic disease affecting joints like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. If you have only arthritic knee pain and your other joints are normal then it is probably OA knee.

As we know knee arthritis is very bad early in morning after overnight sleep as well as late in the days usually after repetitive work during day time. This is a classic pattern of OA knee.

Other common osteoarthritis symptoms is swollen knees which attributes to knee inflammation. Well it is common with other kind of knee arthritis too.

After years of wear and tear the knee joint cartilage and articular surfaces of the bone gets deformed and knee joint is deformed from its original shape. Commonest knee joint deformity include knock knees and bow legs.

Warm knee joint is a classical symptom of arthritic knee pain associated with OA knee. This is because arthritic process leads to joint warmth. Well to patients like you it might not appear but when your doctor touches it he can feel the warmth.

As we know this knee arthritis is due to wear and tear and due to trauma or previous injury to knee joint stiffness of the joint is quite common. Especially when you do repetitive movements, initiation of movement becomes quite tough due to knee joint stiffness. Have you ever felt like after sitting for a while when you first start walking it feels as if you are imbalanced and can not initiate your first step.

Well when you go to the doctor and doctor see your knee x-ray there is visible joint space reduction. What we have to understand here is in normal knee joint there is joint space existing between knee bones on x-ray because knee cartilage are not seen on x-ray. But when wear and tear results in decrease in water content of knee cartilage it becomes thin and eventually warn out. This is classically osteoarthritis symptoms of advanced stage.As a result "bone on bone" appear on your xray.Then doctor would recommend you knee replacement surgery.

Please keep in mind that not all individual have same symptoms. Some people have asymptomatic knee osteoarthritis where as for some one else many of these symptoms are present.

Once done please go to osteoarthritis treatment page to understand different options for you.

Talk to you doctor about it.He can definitely help you with your arthritic knee pain.

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