Lifestyle modifications

Lifestyle modification plays very important part in knee arthritis treatment.

I am sure you must have heard about it. Your family physician would have told you about it quite often like loosing weight, reducing fatty intake of foods and so on.

But let us see how does lifestyle changes help relieve arthritic knee pain to some extent,shall we?

lifestle modification
  • No matter what you should not gain weight. I know it would be tough but it will show you effect in a time.
  • So from today onwards watch out what you eat and what not because you have to loose weight right?
  • Reduce your calary intake.
  • Chose your food options wisely.
  • Go for walking regularly.
  • Weight loss relieves burden on weight bearing joints like knee and so if you can manage to loose weight your arthritic knee pain would be improved.

Are you sports fan? Do you play sports? lifestyle modifications by modifying some of those sports related activities can be really beneficial.

It happens mainly in tennis and squash like sports as well as where jumping and all is involved.

Try to eliminate those kind of activities.

Rather go for leisure walking, swimming, etc. It will help you in many ways.

But make sure to continue exercises.

I am not telling you to be......(guess what?)

Modify your workplace environment too if you can!!!!!!!

I know it is tough and you have to work still for few years but modifying your job environment can be a great way to lifestyle modifications to eliviate your knee pain.

Try this things and also have a look at osteoarthritis diet section to change your food habits.

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