Knee replacement revision
due to Mechanical Loosening

Knee replacement revision

Knee replacement revision surgery is only option left for patients with loose knee replacement implants. Revision surgery is not good as we have seen here but somehow and in few cases your knee doctor has to do it.

What is mechanical loosening?

Among many reason for total knee revision surgery mechanical loosening is relatively common reason where bone tissue surrounding the implant becomes loose without any known cause. Thus it starts paining because of implants is not strongly held together by bone anymore.

How can we detect loose implants?

When you start experiencing this abnormal pain sensation in your new knees following relative pain free tenure you must run to your knee specialist who will then do bone scan to identify the cause of pain. In advanced cases even x-ray will reveal loose implants.

Osteolysis: Osteolysis is a process where there is resorption of bone due to inflammatory reaction. As a body’s own mechanism to resolve the inflammatory process white blood cells try to digest those foreign bodies and once they cannot do that they release the enzymes which due to its corrosive effect eats away the surrounding bone tissue around the implant.

As an implant does not have any support left or as support reduced it starts to become loose.

Total knee revision following implant loosening is not an easy procedure. It requires great surgical skills and a lot of experience in order to perform this complex surgery. Lately surgeons are very happy with newer plastic implants which last relatively longer compared to those implants which were wearing out easily.

Ideally, you should contact your knee surgeon and talk to him or her to find out what options they have for you.

Once again, revision surgery takes time to heal and the recovery would be slower compared to routine knee replacement surgery. Also you have to keep in mind that the achievable knee flexion ROM following total knee revision will be limited.

In total knee replacement revision cases, rehabilitation time is longer. Once revision surgery is done finding a physical therapist with expertise in knee replacement rehab especially in revision cases would be the best to get maximum out of your surgery.

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