Knee replacement prosthesis:
How long do they last?

Knee replacement prosthesis and their longevity!

One of the most common question asked to any knee replacement surgeon by their patient is how long they can expect their prosthesis to last.

The reason they ask this question because they are worried about implant wear out and chances of revision knee replacement.

Just to answer your question almost all knee replacement implants last for 10-15 years and then it is up to you.Now a days there are implants that last as long as 30 years.

How good you take care of your new knees also determines the longevity.

I personally believe that whether knee replacement surgery is done or not, a good care of your knee joint is important.

So to write this article I talked to many knee replacement surgeons and find out what they have to say about this longevity of knee replacement prosthesis.

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Impact Activities: Jumping, running,basketball and other sports where jumping is involved are detrimental to knee replacement prosthesis and new knees.

It leads to increased chances of loosening of knee replacement implants and chances of revision knee replacement surgery.

The repetitive impacts leads to slow but gradual loosening of components from knee bone.

(Just a quick note hear that if you have not undergone knee replacement surgery and having normal knee joint please avoid impact activities!

This will be good for your overall knee health and decreases your chances of knee arthroplasty or at least delay it for few years.)

Body weight: Person's body weight also determines how long the knee replacement implant is going to last.

Obesity and body weight are directly related to knee arthritis and knee pain symptoms.

So when you want to take care of knee joint after knee replacement you have to keep your body weight in control otherwise it could lead to faster wear and tear of your implants.

Bearing Material of implant: Another important factor is the material used for tibial component which has two parts. One metal part and the other plastic part.

Implants made up of hybrid materials tends to last longer then other implants and so they are expensive and for more young and active patients.

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