Knee Replacement Options-
Which one to go for?

What different Knee Replacement Options do you have for your arthritic knee pain?

It is not one size fit all for all patients suffering from knee pain and other related problems.

In order to determine the right knee treatment for your situation, your doctor must take many different factors into consideration.


Some of the factors that help doctors decide which type of knee replacement procedure is right for you are:

  •  Extent of joint involvement
  • Age
  • Obesity
  • Overall health of patient
  • Financial situations (expensive treatments may not be right for everyone; in the western world financial factors definitely play a role in patient selection.)
  • Health Insurance

Different Knee Replacement Options

When we take a look at what different Options patients have (or what doctors have for their patients, rather) it comes down to mainly:

·         Total Knee Replacement

·         Partial Knee Replacement

·         Knee Cap Replacement

·         Knee Cartilage Replacement

·         Knee Arthroscopy

·         Meniscal Replacement

·         And many different non-surgical options including rehab, lifestyle modifications, acupuncture etc.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Out of all Knee Replacement Options patients have, the majority of people will opt for total knee replacement or total knee arthroplasty.

With this kind of surgery both articular surfaces of knee bones along with patella (or knee cap) are trimmed (or shaved) and fitted with knee implants.

It’s very common for people to delay their operation due to many factors like money, fear of surgery and has prolonged with their arthritic knee pain. In fact, by the time many think about knee replacement surgery their knee has been further damaged as a result of arthritis.

For those who fit this profile, total knee replacement is usually the best option.

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

For some people, partial knee surgery is the best knee replacement option.

Knee joints are examined with reference to three different major categories:

Medial, lateral and the patellofemoral compartment.

Depending on the severity of the arthritis and biomechanical changes, the medial or lateral compartments might be damaged while the patellofemoral compartment remains in tact or vice versa.

Those who only need partial knee replacement should take action and have the affected parts of the knee joint worked on before the damage worsens.

An Ideal candidate for partial Knee is some one who has mild to moderate arthritis affecting only one part of the knee rather than generalized knee joint arthritis and who is relatively young.

Knee Cap Replacement

Another of the many Knee Replacement surgery options people have is knee cap replacement or patella replacement.

So many times due to unknown factors (or patella problems) only the under surface of the patella goes through arthritic changes.

In that case rather than doing work on the entire knee, doctors just perform patella replacement by shaving only the under surface of patella and attaching a smooth implant surface to it.

Knee Cartilage Replacement

One of the new Option for some is knee cartilage replacement.

It is a relatively new technique - and costly too.

Another drawback (besides the cost) is that it requires a longer recovery period compared to other Knee surgery Options.

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