Knee Replacement Alternatives

Still looking for Knee replacement alternatives.

Not yet convinced about the knee joint replacement surgery!

No worries! It is a major decision and having hesitation is common. And I can definitely understand your desire to look for other alternatives before going for a major surgery on your body.

Another reason people look for alternative because they are financially not capable to undergo surgery which can cost big bucks.( Unless you are willing to go to India.)

We have already seen about following knee replacement alternative:

  1. Lifestyle modifications
  2. Herbal supplements
  3. Exercises for Knee Pain
  4. Knee pain Medications
  5. Knee Injections
  6. Knee Osteotomy

Let us today look about another 2 alternatives namely Magnetic Therapy and Prolotherapy or Proliferation therapy.

Magnetic Therapy- an alternative

knee replacement alternatives

Magnetic Therapy procedure is applying magnetic field from permanent static magnets or electromagnetic devices to the patient’s body.

It includes products like magnet jewelry, straps, shoe insoles, magnetic blankets, mattresses, magnetic supplements, and creams.

Compare to knee surgery these procedure is very affordable and not life threatening because you don’t need to undergo needle procedure.

This procedure has been used by many people; it benefits patients with pain issues in the body both chronic and isolated and it can be applied to all parts of the body like sprained knees and painful muscles.

With the help of a magnetic device patient suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can find relief in a non-invasive, safe, natural and affordable form of therapy.

From my experience I can say that any of the knee replacement alternatives should be used to delay the surgery as long as possible. But considering them a permanent alternative for a surgery is not feasible.

Prolotherapy - another alternative

knee replacement alternative

Second of two knee replacement alternatives is prolotherapy or proliferation therapy.

It involves placing a non-active or non-pharmacological irritant solution into the patient’s body specifically n ligaments or tendons to strengthen the weak connective tissues and lessen musculoskeletal pain.

This therapy helps to reinitiate inflammatory procedures that provides new additional fibers by repairing or fixing ligaments or tendons that are destroyed by medical conditions.

It does not only strengthen ligaments and tendons but it increases the thickness and mass of the ligaments that helps it to avoid.

It also prevent injury and weaknesses and because of the characteristic of prolotherapy to increase the thickness and mass of ligaments which leads to elimination of chronic pain caused by injury or weakening.

Prolotherapy also stimulates the patient’s natural healing ability.

Prolotherapy relieves joint pain, lower back pain, arthritis pain, sport injuries, work related injuries, degenerative disc disease, and cartilage injuries.

Patients who undergo this procedure are benefited with permanent relief from chronic pain and reduced risk of damage ligaments.

It also helps patients to prevent risky and life threatening surgeries and other medications that restrain the body from healing naturally.

Unfortunately I do not have any first hand experience with Prolotherapy.

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