Knee Pain Medication,
Should you or not?

Knee pain medications, you must be knowing more than me here I think.

Because for years your doctor would have given you pain medications just to subside the pain and for you to feel better.

Has it happened to you? I am sure!

Well painkillers as knee pain medications is a common alternative to knee replacement in earlier treatment protocols.

The medicine which form a main pillar in pre knee replacement stage includes aspirin, ibuprofen, naprosyn and other not narcotic medicines to reduce knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

Can they be real alternative to knee replacement surgery?

Well I would say if you can tell me the duration and severity of pain, previous consumption of NSAIDs(Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) and its efiicacy last time you took the medicine then I can answer it.

But on a broader spectrum if you have acute arthritis and your osteoarthritis symptoms has not been for many years and your knee x-ray shows that there is no bone to bone contact then yes it could be a possible alternative.

What if not? If not then you should think about surgical alternatives.

So many people try different OTC knee pain relief products as a knee osteoarthritis treatment.For someone one medication work and for others something else.

Among this OTC drugs there are few which has been used for many years as a knee pain medications and there are few new entrants like valdecoxib and meloxicam.

Some doctors argue that these are similar to aspirin and other drugs in effectiveness but only differs in their effect on GI system.

Some of the most common adverse effects of these otc knee pain relief products are ulcers, nausea and other GI symptoms. And with long term consumption of these medications liver function gets altered and has to be monitored.

otc knee pain relie

What precaution you should take?

Adverse effect of pain meds has been so much in media that I do not have to inform you much but since we are writing about it I might as well!

  • No meds on empty stomach
  • can not take with warferin- consult your doctor
  • Could cause ulcers and bleeding especially for elder patients and so you should be cautioned.
  • Watch out for swelling in your feet and oedema as it can alter kidney functions.
  • Last but not least what you have to understand is this pain medications work on pain inhibition.

What it means is by taking those medicines your pain will be masked till you have effect of medications on. And once the drug effects are gone your arthritic knee pain will return.

Usually doctor uses knee pain medications in conjunction with knee strengthening exercises and also might uses knee braces to support the arthritic knee joint.

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