Knee Injections: is it for you?

Knee injections? Scared?

Are you scared about needle? Yes! Oh common.........

What if the needle can help you with your knee pain?

What if it can delay your total knee replacement surgery operation for few months or may be year or two?

Although knee gel injections are more invasive they have been accepted by many people.

Let us see the role of Knee Injections as alternative to knee replacement.

Steroid Injection

Steroids? Don't worry you won't be disqualified!!!!!!!!!!

I am talking about steroids injection for the treatment of arthritic knee pain. In cases of knee osteoarthritis depending on severity of pain doctor recommends steroids for short term pain relief.

It is quite effective treatment for knee arthritis in combination with weight loss, dieting, some pain meds and physical therapy.

injections for knee pain

How Knee Injections given?

They are given inside the knee joint from in front or side of knee joint.

If you want to understand it better please check out knee joint anatomy page.

How helpful are Steroid Injections?

They are pretty helpful in short term pain relief of severe knee joint pain.

When I say short term I mean effects could last for few months but if it does not work with 1 shot then you might have to go for few extra shots.So please do not think steroid injection as a magic.

Usually you won't feel anything in your knees immediately following the shot because along with steroids some kind of local anesthetic is also used.

Usually the procedure does not take long time and the knee replacement surgeon would do it in a matter of seconds for you. No hospitalization is required.

When steroids are used?

Steroids has been used in treatment of arthritic knee pain for many years.

Rather then giving it as oral tablets, steroids are directly injected into knee joint to decrease the knee arthritis inflammation.

If you want to google which steroids are used then just to let you know following are most commonly used:




Many doctor have different criteria about how many knee injections can be taken but mostly would not recommended anything more than 4-5 injections per knee.

Reason for that is more steroid for the knee joint could have detrimental effect on knee joint.

These injections have many useful effects too along with pain relief. Usually they help doctor know the root cause of knee pain thus helps in knee pain diagnosis.

Steroids can be helpful in delaying the surgery for a short time.

Thus if you are not yet prepared for any type of knee replacement surgury or no other alternative treatment has worked for you then you can go for a steroid knee injections which will hopefully give you joint pain relief for sometime.

Another type of injection is Hyaluronate which also is getting wide popularity and it has not many adverse effects on your knee joint.

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