Knee Cartilage replacement

Knee Cartilage replacement also called Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation is a technique which is really gaining popularity among many patients as well many knee replacement surgeons

Although not all doctors like this procedure still its gaining attention among medical world.

It is effective when there is localized full thickness defects in articular cartilage of knee joint mainly due to trauma to the knee joint.

This procedure is not indicated for diffuse arthritic changes in knee and will not be effective.

The outcome of the cartilage replacement surgery depends on size and location of the lesion in Knee cartilage.

To perform this surgery the joint should be having good range of motion and intact ligament stability with good joint alignment.

So if you think that is cartilage replacement right for me then you should self evaluate your knee for good alignment of knee joint with adequate range of motion.

If it's not then you should be thinking about different options of knee joint arthroplasty.

Knee cartilage replacement

So the whole Knee cartilage replacement technique involves 2 surgical procedure.

It is an expensive procedure since it involves 2 surgeries and also time consuming as well. One another concern about this surgical technique is that it might not be covered by insurance companies so before making a decision about undergoing this surgery you have to make sure to contact your insurance company.

As this surgical procedure is not for everybody and only few people or specific people are right for this procedure a thorough screening by doctor and detailed evaluation is absolute must for a knee surgeon.

More over this procedure is only performed by those orthopedic doctors which are trained for autologous chondrocyte implantation and can not be done by all orthopedic doctors.

Ultimately research shows that 80 to 90 percent of the patients undergone knee cartilage replacement procedure shows good to excellent results depending on the location of cartilage lesion. Many of the patients who did not get better results with arthroscopic knee surgery have shown better results.

Effectiveness of Cartilage Replacement

As it has already been mentioned earlier too the ultimate thin line for good surgical outcome of knee cartilage replacement is proper patient selection as all patients are not right candidate for this procedure.

As not all people have localized cartilage lesion which can be best treated by this technique it has limited client base.

This surgery takes good amount of time and needs many resources for good surgical outcome.

Its still a new technology and although awareness is increasing and also acceptance is increasing it will still take time before surgeons can do this procedure quite repeatedly and at a lesser cost.

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