Knee Specialist and Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Specialist

The role of knee specialists in revision knee surgery is very critical. When should you consult specialist knee surgeon?

Why should you consult him or her? What are your chances of recovering well from the current hell situation which is beyond any one’s control?

Let me tell you something about when you have to do knee revision first.

Let’s say you were suffering from arthritic knee pain, and you tried all different treatment options (including non-surgical and sometimes surgical options too) to get rid of the pain.

Nothing was giving better or permanent pain relief and so you and your family decided to consult a specialist to discuss your options for knee replacement surgery.

In your consultation with your knee doctor he/she told you everything about surgery and your chances of recovery. You decided to undergo surgery after seeing many patients doing so good after knee replacement surgery.

Something went wrong after surgery which could be immediate, 2 months later or 6months later or after many years.

So you consult specialist to find out the reason why, and he tells you that you need to undergo revision knee replacement surgery.

What are the potential factors that could
lead to revision knee surgery?

1. Infection

2. Trauma

3. Implant wear out

Why you should consult knee specialist? So many times people ask that why they have to consult specialist surgeon for knee replacement revision.

The answer is specialists know the scenario better than your doctor. Having a specialist surgeon who does knee replacement all the time has better experience of dealing with adverse situations compared to orthopedic surgeon who does knee replacement once in a while but his expertise is trauma work.

The same way for trauma work orthopedic surgeon would be the better bet compared to knee surgeon.

Having a specialist at your side for your knee revision can increase your chances of recovery many times because they would know the correct knee replacement protocol to follow in order to come out of this situation.

Having said that please bear in mind that your knee replacement recovery expectation will be different when compared to someone who is luckily not a case of knee replacement revision.

Also, in this kind of situation, the patient would always like to know who is at fault. Why would they have to undergo knee replacement revision?

Is their knee specialist at fault especially following infections in new knees where it is no fault of knee replacement patient?

Let me tell you for sure that no knee replacement surgeon would like to see their patient (essentially a customer or a client) has to go through this situation and they take utmost care and precaution in order to avoid this situation. But somehow it happens in 2% of all the cases of knee replacement surgery.

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