Knee replacement complications to watch out for!!!!!!!


Have you ever wondered what are common Knee replacement complications following knee surgery?

Surgical complications has been already been discussed.

Let us see other two broad group of complications that we have to watch out for.

  • Medical
  • Anesthesia

Although Knee Doctor who will be or would have operating you would like to give you more than what you pay for and never want you to suffer with knee replacement complication we have to understand it that it happens. Let us see how ?.................

Knee Replacement Complications

In this category of problems we will be seeing following things to watch out for:

  • Heart Attack or Stroke- Rarely happens after elective knee replacement surgery because thorough pre operative assessment of the patient is done. If rarely it happens then its due to hypo-tension.
  • Urinary Retention- sometimes patients have difficulty urinating by self after surgery. Its due to anesthesia and get sorted by itself but catheter may be needed for 1-2 days.
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia- patient may be needed to shift to ICU for monitoring.
  • Heart Failure- Cardiologist comes in help here because patient hear can not pump the blood effectively.
  • Pneumonia- It happens mainly in general anesthesia. Also low grade fever is possibility with this knee replacement complications. That is the reason preoperatively and also post operatively incentive spirometry is used to facilitate deep breathing.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis- DVT can happen following any major surgery to lower limb not only Total Knee replacement surgery. Calf muscles can be painful but its not a life threatening problem.
  • Fat Embolism- When fat from bone-marrow of the bone enters circulation and damages blood vessels. Not a serious complication.
  • Intravascular coagulation-Rarely happens.
  • Edema- Common to have some kind of lower limb swelling after any lowerlimb surgery for many months. If persistent for long time then you should inform your knee doctor though its not a serious knee replacement complication.
  • Electrolyte Imbalance
  • Hyperglycemia-In diabetics following total knee replacement surgery blood glucose level elevates and Insulin may be needed to control it. Ask doctor.
  • Renal Failure
  • Blood Reaction- Few individual gets adversely reacted to blood from blood bank. Rarely can be serious complication.
  • Delerium Tremens- Are you heavy drinker?If not then you do not have to worry. It happens due to alcohol withdrawl and life threatening tremors can occur. Talk to your doctor if you are one heavy drinker. Its must.

knee replacement complication

As we already know role of anesthesia in knee replacement surgery we know that those people are dealing with your vitals while you get sedated.

  • Airway Problems- if patient has to be given breathing tube during surgery but has abnormality in airway. Sometimes tube placed in esophagus rather than breathing pipe. ( It does not happen any more due to electronic monitoring and frequent checking of breath sounds.Also mild sore throat may occurs due to intubation if required but patient does not even feel it because they put the tube after anesthesia and remove it before patient awaken.
  • Fever-(malignant hyperthermia)Rare but occurs due to family history in which patient body temperature rises due to general anesthesia. It does not happen with spinal anesthesia. That is the reason anesthesiologist asks you about your history.
  • Severe Headache- Some patient have severe headache following spinal anesthesia. Its due to cerebrospinal fluid. Can be treated with resting flat.
  • Dental Complications- If patient has denture then it should be removed prior to surgery otherwise problems could happen. If you have a loose tooth contact your dentist as it can create problem if intubation is needed.

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