What factors affect my Knee Replacement Recovery?

Knee Replacement Recovery

Have you ever wondered about your knee replacement recovery?

Do you ever feel like how will be your life once you undergo operation?

Have you heard horror stories about knee replacement pain and knee replacement complications and are reconsidering your decision for undergoing total knee replacement surgery?

Have you thought about home and lifestyle modifications you have to do following total knee arthoplasty.

A person can fully recover from surgery in three month to six month and may be more depending on individual.

Please go through this page to understand detailed information about knee replacement surgery recovery timeline and factors affecting it.

Factors affecting
Knee Replacement Recovery

First and foremost thing that you have to have in mind regarding your knee replacement surgery recovery time is it is not same among any 2 individuals.

What I mean by that is that you can not expect to recover from Knee Arthoplasty the same way your friend or for that matter any other individual has recovered.Period....

So many factors affect the overall recovery process and for each individual the factors could be different and so comparison has no scope in recovery analysis.

Knee Replacement Recovery

So many factors determine overall recovery. Lets see some of those factors:

  1. Age- Older folks take longer time.
  2. Body weight- Heavy people take longer time.
  3. Preoperative health and lifestyle- active, sedentary etc.
  4. Type of Surgery-depends on total, partial, cartilage, arthroscopy etc.
  5. Knee Condition- How is the condition of knee bones, muscles, and ligaments?
  6. Knee Rehab- how diligent and sincere you are in doing most important postoperative exercises.

How do you expect your recovery?

Each individual has different expectations when they go for knee replacement surgery.

Although ultimate expectation is to live a pain free active life that they were not able to live for a long time,still it has many variations and so ultimate recovery definition is also different.

I will explain to you how.........

Lets say Mr.A has approached a Knee Doctor for his total knee replacement. He is an awed recreational runner and cyclist.

He contacted many best orthopedic surgeons and knee replacement surgeons to understand why he has severe knee pain and how he could get his knee replacement recovery so that he could get back to active running or I should say jogging kind of activities.

So he has different recovery expectation.

Story continues.............

Mrs. B has approached many knee doctors to have a discussion about his knee replacement surgery.

Now she is an overweight lady who has been working lady doing 9 to 5 job for many years.

And being a family person she has to do all household chores too at home.(My working lady readers would be able to relate it). She has constant knee pain while sitting and also at night.

So in this case although her primary expectation from knee surgery would be to eliminate knee pain but she would not expect herself to go back jogging because she was not doing it first of all.

So her recovery expectation will be different.

I hope my story telling is making sense to you guys and I am sure there are many MR.A and MRS.B who can relate it.

It shows knee replacement recovery time could be different for each individual due to ultimate recovery expectations.

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