Knee Pain Diagnosis-
Let's wear a doctor coat

Precise Knee pain diagnosis differentiate the best knee doctor from other. Why do I say that?

Have you gone to doctor for your problem but he could not find the problem in you? Then you had to go to some other doctor who by correct diagnosis finds the problem and treats accordingly. Thus relieving your problem and making you happy.

Ok. This is what happens when you go to best knee doctor.

Let us be child( because as we grow up we loose the great power of imaginations) and go to the best knee doctor with your knee problem.

Are you ready?

Relax.......... Today you are going to know why you have arthritic knee pain or why your knee is bothering you.

Initial consultation questionnaire

knee pain diagnosis

At your first consultation when you go to doctor with your knee arthritis, doctor would ask you some questions and do some physical examination of your knee joint and your body to understand your pain better.

While you were in waiting room you would have already field your details form which let doctor know about what is your main concern.

Doctor would ask you few questions like:

  • location
  • how much pain
  • Activity level
  • any other medical problems
  • x-ray (if no x-ray are taken)
  • if there is buckling or locking of your knee

By asking you a set of questions doctor would have already done diagnosis (or possible problems).

Physical Examination

Next step comes when doctor do your physical examination.

The doctor would start with feeling your knee joint and surrounding areas to understand and do knee pain diagnosis.

Then he would do some orthopedic tests to determine the knee joint ligament integrity which can diagnose acl injury or meniscus tears or torn cartilage in knee.

Usually tenderness on joint lines can indicate knee arthritis or ligamental injuries.

Doctors have to differentially diagnoses it with referred pain from hip as quite often knee pain can come from hip joint.

So many times flat feet can also be a cause for knee pain and thus many times foot pain after knee replacement happens to patients.

As it is a complex long process and includes many tests I have divided whole sections into different parts.

Click on part 2 to understand your knee x-ray and other tests.

Part-2 of knee pain diagnosis

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