Hyaluronate Knee Joint Injection

Does hyaluronate knee joint injection really work?

Want to know about "viscosupplemantation"!

Did your friend delayed his surgery by taking some magic injection?

Have you consulted your doctor and he/she advised you for surgical treatment?

You are not ready for knee arthroplasty and looking for some alternative for knee replacement!

If you have any question regarding hyaluraonate as a alternative treatment then hopefully this page would clear your doubts and helps you decide.

What is Hyaluronate?

knee joint injection

Hyaluronic acid is a viscous substance that is present in most synovial type of joints including knee joint. It is naturally produced in human body.

It's function is to have a cushioning effects on articular surfaces of knee bones and also as a shock absorber. It has a similar function as a car engine oil which lets car run smoothly.

With years of wear and tear this hyaluronate gel becomes thin and thus can not protect or cushion bones which results in knee pain.

Hyaluronate Viscosupplemantation is approved by FDA as a valid treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee.

Some doctor call it a jelly like prosthesis and not as a drug.

By technique of viscosupplementation doctors increases the hyaluronate in joint cavity thus it improves osteoarthritis symptoms.

As we already know wear and tear of knee has its effects not only on the bones but also on knee cartilage, this hyaluronate knee joint injection slows down detrimental effects on knee cartilage.

Some of the most common injections available are Hyalgan and Synvisc.

hyalgan injections for knee pain
injections for knee pain

Viscosupplementation with hyaluronate knee joint injection has to be performed by qualified orthopedic surgeon.

You can maximally take 3-5 shots in your knees, not more than that!!!!!!!!

How long the effect last?

Well please do not think it as a magic wand. Although applied today, you could see the improvements in knee osteoarthritis symptoms in a month time. So have patience.

After consulting many doctors for efficacy of the hyaluronate injection, I was been told that 65-70% of the patient felt improvement in symptoms like:

  • Reduced arthritic knee pain
  • Improved walking
  • Better flexibility

Usually these effects last for a year or more. And if there is improved results with first injection than the repeat injections are indicated.

But if the pain relief is only temporary with first hyaluronate knee joint injection than repeat injection should be used with caution.

In that case you should seriously discuss with your doctor about suitable type of knee replacement surgery for your knee arthritis.

(If you have not read about steroid injections please read it too.)

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