Knee Joint Anatomy

Let us understand knee joint Anatomy.

Knee joint is a condylar type of joint which is one pf the most working joint in body.

It is one of the most common joint to get injured to resulting in different knee injuries due to its complex joint anatomy.

If we have to understand any joint or for that matter any joint related pain issue we must first of all understand that joint anatomy first. In this case lets see knee anatomy first.

Knee joint is a condylar type of joint which is made up of knee bones, Knee muscles, ligaments and knee bursa.

It is one of the most complex yet most important joint of the body as it has many important functions.


Knee Joint Anatomy Structure

When you see knee joint anatomy Knee joint is a condylar joint which is also called tricompartmental joint. Knee joint comprise of two different articulation which are tibio-femoaral articulation or joint and patello-femoral articulation.

It is a synovial type of joint which means the knee joint gets lubrication and nourishment from synovial fluid which is a viscous fluid in joint cavity.

The margins of joint surfaces are lined by articular cartilages which you can see in knee anatomy diagrams which smoothens the movement of articular surfaces and thus are very important for a healthy knee functions.

Patello-femoral joint is right in front of the knee joint and its the articulation of patella on the lower end of femur(patello-femoral grove). The margins of this joint is also lined by cartilage which is also the strongest cartilage in whole human body.

Why Healthy knee joint is important?

  1. Transfers body weight from upper-body to feet.
  2. Human body's center of gravity passes through knee joint  structure.
  3. Most important joint for body propulsion forward thus we can move forward in life.
  4. Allows lowering the body from upright position (ie. sitting on chair or lower surface) and getting upright from low position (ie. getting up from sitting on chair).
  5. Provides shock absorption.

So many times we overlook knee anatomy.

Many times knee joint is the most common joint to get knee injuries and thus knee pain because of its complex structure and constant wear and tear causing most common knee problems.

Want to know more?

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Knee muscles, knee bones, knee cartilage also known as meniscus, knee bursa and ligaments.

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