Knee Exercises Overview

Knee exercises play important role in overall well being of a person and also for being able to walk for long without any pain.

It is a major topic and after discussing overview on this page I would discuss knee rehab in detail elsewhere.

Why should I do knee joint exercise? Will I feel any better with my arthritic knee pain after going through knee rehab?

Will I be able to take care of sore knees with the help of doing knee rehabilitation?

Won't arthritis knee exercise increase my pain and make it difficult for me to walk whatever I am doing now?

Well if you have so many questions related to your arthritis knee pain and you are wondering about role of exercises in knee treatment you have come to right place.

Because having treated so many patients who are suffering from knee arthritis I can tell you that they really are very important cornerstone of knee pain treatment options.

Let me assure you that I can tell you so many people feel so better with knee rehab program depending on their present knee arthritis condition and their expectations out of under going knee Rehab.

Basic Role of Knee Exercises

Knee Exercises

Why should you do knee exercise weather you are having knee pain or not?

Let me tell you first that to work as a normal knee joint your knee needs:





: One of the most important function of knee joint is to maintain its integrity and having enough strength so that joint can withstand pressure and can transfer body weight onto the ground easily.

Movement: Knee joint is a very mobile joint and so if it has to remain healthy it has to have a no problems with movements at the joint. There are primarily 2 movements at the knee joint, flexion (bending of knee) and extension (straitening of knees).

Coordination: Almost all human body joints have proprioception function. Proprioception is a sensory feeling of movement and plays very important role. It helps guiding movement at the joint smoothly. It also increases balance and coordination at the joint.

To understand role of exercises you have to understand your knee joint better. Knee joint anatomy would be a good place for you to understand about knee bones, knee muscles, ligaments etc.

So why should you do knee joint exercise?

Well to combine above mentioned three functions you have to do knee exercise weather you are suffering from arthritic knee pain or not.

Well there are so many different knee rehab protocols and depending on your objective you can chose a particular category of knee exercise which can help you reduce your knee pain or help you with your knee replacement rehabilitation recovery.

Although I can tell you that by doing condition or situation specific exercises you would feel better please do not ask me how soon or how much exercise you have to do because each individual is different and can respond to exercise differently.

For sake of understanding I have divided exercises into 3 main groups:

1. Exercises for knee arthritis

2. Preoperative exercises

3. Post operative Exercises

Also I have mentioned about specific exercise for arthroscopy, ACL surgery exercises plan separately.

Well if you are not yet ready for surgery and want to try exercise as a alternative you are more than welcome to do so. Knee exercises can be very effective in treatment of arthritic knee pain depending on how bad are your knees and also after seeing Knee X-ray.

Along with exercises I would say proper warm up is most important thing and should be of prime importance.

Go back to Knee replacement from Knee exercises.

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