What is Knee Cartilage or
Knee Meniscus?

Knee joint bones are cushioned by a spongy, flexible tissue called Knee cartilage or knee meniscus.

Do you want to feel how does your cartilage feels like? Don't worry you are not gonna tear apart your knee and go it it and feel the cartilage.

Can you touch your ear or nose tip? They are also made by cartilage.

Knee cartilage is made up of two types of cartilages:

  • Articular Knee cartilage
  • Knee Meniscus

Articular Knee Cartilage

Articular knee cartilage covers the bone ends.

Do you eat chicken?

Have you seen that white glossy thing at the end of chicken bone?

That is articular cartilage for you.

The main function of Articular Knee cartilage is to protect knee bone ends.

It also acts as a shock absorber and provides cushion and smooth surface area for bones to glide on.

Knee Cartilage Functions

Knee Cartilage has so many important functions which enables normal pain free walking for us.

Let us see what articular knee cartilage do for us:

  • It acts as a protective layer for articular joint surfaces. Thus when one bone glides on another the movement is smooth and friction free.
  • It acts as a shock absorber for knee bones and thus prevent the articular joint surface damage.
  • Its a load bearing and constantly go for repetitive stress.

Since Knee Cartilage is always under pressure from so many factors affecting its overall health any injury to knee results in secondary damage to knee cartilage.

As knee cartilage has less regeneration ability it results in knee arthritis.

Ultimately repeated knee cartilage injury results in knee arthritis and thus knee pain.

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