Knee CPM Home Usage Guide!

Knee CPM can be extremely useful to those patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery and has just got discharged to home.

When you reach home depending on the Knee replacement surgeon and also depending on your insurance coverage you need CPM machine at home.

Normally following knee replacement surgery you are given intensive indoor Physical therapy at the institution.( Which I discussed earlier here.)

By this time you would have got good knee bend and you would have started walking with the help of walker or crutches.

So let us see what is the best optimal way to use CPM at home for getting better range of motion and faster recovery.

Knee CPM- Renting or Buying?

It is advisable that you make arrangement for your home CPM machine before hand.

Many times we wonder if we have to buy that big machine or can rent it?

I think you are better of renting it because it cost almost 3000$ to buy it and once you are fully recovered you would not need it any more.( Unless you are planning for Revision Knee Replacement)

In most of the hospitals at the discharge time hospital staff would help you out with arranging for CPM machine for home.

Knee CPM and Home Care Physical Therapist

Knee CPM

Ideally once you get discharged from hospital your home care begins which includes home rehab with Physical therapist or some times physical therapist assistant.(Don't know who is PTA?)

An ideal home care physical therapy session last for 45-60 min at max.

Depending on your Insurance Plan you are allowed mostly 10-15 session of Home based Physical therapy.

Also due to these few home care therapy session, physical therapist would spread it over long time so that he can be part of your whole recovery process. Thus he/she might schedule therapy sessions 1 -2 times a week and would expect you to do some homework too.

But once you have Knee CPM at home you can do all those bending exercises by your self and can at least preserve or maintain all the Knee flexion that Physical therapist has achieved.

Ideal Usage of CPM Machine at Home

So how to use CPM at home by self?

Ideally you should use your rented CPM Machine atleast 3-4 times a day for 45-60 minutes session.(I would tell my patient to do it.)

When you place your leg on the machine make sure you have put all the straps on so that you do not do any trick movements at hip to falsify the results.

You should try to voluntarily flex and extend with Machine and at the maximum flexion point try to hold that position for few seconds.

Gradually you should increase the knee flexion day by day.

Some times patient ask me if it is advisable to increase passive ROM for flexion so much and I would say no because sudden too much increase in knee flexion can have adverse effect in many ways like:

  • Too much pain
  • Shattered confidence
  • might disrupt sutures or incision

So I would say ultimate goal of having Knee CPM Machine at home would be to at least preserve or maintain the knee bend that your PT has achieved till his/her next visit.

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