Knee CPM Machine

Knee CPM Machine - Continuous Passive Motion Device for Knee replacement or for that matter for any other major orthopedic joint surgery.

I am sure you must have heard about cpm machines many times and hopefully would have used it too but if not then do not worry as today I am going to explain you the role of Continuous passive motion machine.

Importance of CPM Machine

You might wonder why using CPM Machine is very important once you have been operated for any of the following surgeries:

But let me tell you that for any orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist it is of prime importance to gain maximum range of motion at the knee joint following surgery.

And gaining early ROM can be achieved with the use of Knee CPM Machine.

Knee CPM Machine

How does Knee CPM Machine Work?

So many times my patients ask me that why is it important to get early range of motion with the help of CPM machine?

My answer to them and to you( if you have that question) is that yes it is important to get early range of motion and with the help of CPM it is easy to achieve it.

When you have just come out of surgery there is sense of fear in you to move and bend your leg and CPM does that for you.

What you have to do is just relax and let machine do everything for you.

You place your operated leg on the CPM machine and then just let it go.

With the help of CPM Machine you achieve rhythemic flexion extension movement at your knees while you are recuperating from your knee surgery.

Early mobilization of surgically operated knee joint helps in following ways:

  • Decreases Swelling
  • Increases Range of Motion at the Knee joint
  • Helps with Knee replacement pain
  • Decreases scarring and stiffness
  • Also it acts as a psychological boost to the patient who is still apprehensive about themselves bending the knee joint.

How you should use CPM machine at home?

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