Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recovery

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery recovery depends on so many factors.
Some of those factors include:

  • Type of lesion
  • Severity of Lesion
  • Age
  • Physical built
  • Overall condition of knee joint

From my mom's real life experience I can tell that Arthroscopy is not a permanent option for knee pain.

Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique for knee pain diagnosis and knee injuries pain symptoms.

In this procedure doctor inserts a mini camera in the knee joint space to evaluate the inside knee condition.

With technological advances arthroscopy is very advanced now and uses high definition camera where doctor can view the inside knee joint on big screen in operation theater and diagnose and treat the knee injuries.

How to prepare for surgery?

1.Physical examination from your family practitioner- he would be the right person to tell weather you will get good arthroscopic knee surgery recovery or not!

2.You must tell your doctor about any medication that you take- any medications that must be stopped before surgery will be told by doctor.

3.Thorough preoperative knee pain diagnosis should be done including x-rays ,lab tests, arthrogram or MRI.

4.Doctor might need 2-3 preoperative visits before undergoing surgery.There you can talk about your arthroscopic knee surgery recovery.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recover

On the day of Surgery

Whole procedure takes 45-60 minutes and you would be discharged in 2-3 hour or on same day although your doctor would be the right person to judge.
Anesthesia given which can be local,spinal or general. Your doctor would discuss all different choices with you.

  • Doctor takes small incisions in front of knee. Doctor splash sterile water in your joint cavity to flush out the bad stuff from it.
  • Doctor do your knee pain diagnosis and then takes required steps to eliminate your potential knee problems.
  • Doctor maneuver the scope through your knee joint and rectify or cut the articular cartilage or meniscus tear.
  • Doctor remove the scope from the knee joint cavity and small wound is closed by stapler and covers them with soft bandage.
  • Shift to recovery room and discharge from hospital in 2-3 hrs.

When Arthroscopic knee Surgery used?

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Recovery

Recovery can average from 3-4 weeks. It is much faster then normal knee surgery. You must follow your doctor for your better recovery.

  • Swollen Knee- Swelling is common after arthroscopic Knee Surgery so keep your operated leg elevated by putting a pillow under your legs. Having swelling after your knee operation is normal thing and should not be worried about it.Apply Ice as recommended by your doctor.
  • Wound Care- Keep your wound dry. Doctor would tell you about wound care. Follow thoroughly.
  • Weight Bearing- Usually patient can start partial weight bearing with the help of crutches for 5-7 days. Gradually weaning from crutch use is recommended and will be easy to do.
  • Resuming Driving- Doctor would allow patient driving after considering many factors like
    What kind of knee injuries treated
    Pain tolerance
    How well you do Knee exercises
    Type of car transmission
    Usually you can start driving in 1-2 weeks.

Knee Strengthening Exercises

  • You have to follow your physical therapist described exercises regularly.
  • Knee flexion has to be progressed cautiously depending on the surgery.
  • Main emphasis should be given to knee extension exercises as well as terminal knee extension exercises.
  • Ultimately your arthroscopic Knee surgery recovery will be complete by 6-8 weeks unless you have ligament reconstruction surgery like anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
  • Consult your Knee Specialist before resuming demanding activities as your knee might not be ready for it.

When will I be job ready?

  • When will you be job ready depends on many criteria.
  • Weather you are a office worker or you have heavy job!
  • Weather your job involves repetitive knee movements or long tough work?
  • Depending on your severity of knee cartilage damage complete recovery might not be a possible.
  • Certain lifestyle modifications has to be done to prolong the effect of surgery.

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