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Arthroscopic knee surgery is one of the most common surgical and diagnostic intervention that is used worldwide to diagnose knee pain resulting from knee injuries and treat as well.

Term "Arthroscopy" is derived by combining verb""scopein" meaning "to look" with word "arthro" which means "joint". So ultimately it means to look within joint.

In this procedure doctors gets a clear view of your inside knee joint by inserting a tiny camera with light inside your joint.

According to the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, more than 4 million arthroscopy knee surgery are performed worldwide each year.

What they do?

  • They might ask you to do routine knee diagnostics.
  • Talk with surgeon about medications you take so that he can ask you to stop some medications if needed.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to surgery day.
  • On the surgery day first of all you are contacted by anesthesiologist to know about your physical health and to help you decide type of anesthesia.
  • Anesthesia for knee arthroscopy can be general, regional or local anesthesia.
arthroscopy knee surgery
arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Best knee surgeons will create portals to get into the joint at some specific areas around knee joints.
  • Their expertise comes handy when they do portals as they can easily injure joint structures like nerves and blood vessels.
  • From one hole or porter they insert camera and through other hole they repair the damage or diagnose the knee ligament damage.
  • The technique involves inserting the camera in the joint and check the image projected on screen to do the arthroscopic knee surgery.
  • Depending on surgeon expertise and condition to be treated the whole procedure can take 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Once done the recently operated part is wrapped with soft bandage.
  • Depending on the level of surgery and amount of work done you may or may not be allowed to bear weight on your limbs and can not walk by yourself.
  • Ideally in 2-3 hours you would be discharged from hospital but you should have some one to drive you back home.

When you need
This Knee Surgery?

Typically Arthroscopic Knee Surgery is indicated in following situations:

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