Alternatives to Knee Replacement surgery
What options for you?

Looking for alternatives to knee replacement surgery?

Are you still not prepared for any type of knee replacement surgery?

Do not worry! Relax! It happens.

May be you are not yet ready for surgery because of many reasons beyond your control.

Or else you are convinced but still you need some time before you are planning to go for surgery.

So let us see what other options you have!

alternatives to knee replacement


Alternatives for knee replacement surgery can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Conservative treatment options
  • Surgical options other than knee arthroplasty

Conservative treatments

  1. Lifestyle modifications: First and foremost thing that a person with knee arthritis has to do is to change the life style.
  2. Knee Exercises: Most important part of conservative treatment options. If done correctly can lead to great normal knee joint and will often be considered one of the best alternatives of knee replacements.
  3. Nutritional Supplements: Although their role is not clear and I am skeptical about them they could be a good alternative too. Make sure it is not causing so much financial burden to you.
  4. Food and Diet: Well diet and knee arthritis has direct relationship. More fatty food you eat more weight you gain and more hampering effect on your knees.
  5. Knee Pain Medications: Well it has been one of the many alternatives to knee replacement surgery for many people. what is the reason for it? I do not know but may be we all are worried about surgical part and thus try to delay surgery by taking pain medications for arthritic knee pain.
  6. Knee Injections: Well they are consider miracle for many people. At least for time being because of their temporary effect on knee pain relief for sore knees. Also see hyaluroante knee joint injection as well.
  7. Arthritis Knee Brace: For many years we have known that if we give support to injured part it helps in recovery. Same principle applies here. Knee brace can take the load of arthritic knee and thus decreases pain.

Other surgeries

Well you have tried conservative alternatives to knee replacement but nothing has worked out or you have prolonged it for a while. Now you have to go for other options. But still total knee replacement surgery is not on your agenda! what to do next........

  1. Arthroscopy: Well it could be a quick surgical alternative to knee replacement surgery. And it can be only surgical options for soft tissue related knee pain like happens in common knee injuries.
  2. Osteotomy: Osteotomy means cutting the bone to relieve arthritic knee pain. It is a good surgical options for few peoples and not many. Are you right for it?
  3. Knee Cartilage Regeneration: New technique. With limited applications.
  4. Knee Fusion: In some rare cases you might have to go for knee arthrodesis. It mainly happens in infections etc.

So these are most of the alternatives to knee replacement surgery that your doctor could offer you. Research it well and then take your decision.

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