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I am Ankur Desai from small town Valsad in Gujarat,India. I am a physiotherapist with 18 years of experience. I am a registered Physiotherapist in Brampton, Ontario.

I have a small family of me, my wife Dipti Desai and son Marmik Desai. Physiotherapy is in my blood as my dad Mr.Shankarbhai Desai has been national award winner physiotherapist in India and has been successfully running a physiotherapy practice for last 40 years. My younger brother Mr. Nirmal Desai is also a physiotherapist since last 13 years.

When I was in India I was working as a Chief Physiotherapist for Center for Knee surgery, Baroda. It is the hospital run by Dr. Bharat Modi, a reknown knee replacement surgeon. It is a hospital where yearly around 800-1000 knee replacement surgery are done along with numerous arthroscopic knee surgeries. It was really fun and great learning experience.

Then I immigrated to Canada. Here presently I am not working in my field as Physiotherapist as I have to pass some licensing exams and all. But I have applied for credential evaluation. Hopefully whole procedure should not take long time and I should be back in the Physiotherapy field as soon as possible.

Why Knee Replacement website?

There are combination of reason why I created my website.

Some of them are:

  1. When I was working as a Physiotherapist (And Physical therapist for USA people) so many of my family members and my community people were coming to me with their arthritis knee pain problems. Because they were knowing me they wanted my opinion for their knee pain solutions and I used to tell them about all the different options as well as how to diagnose it and more about arthritis. When ever I used to tell them about Knee replacement surgery they get scared about surgical option or were not mentally prepared for it.So to educate those people who are scared to go for best treatment option I thought I should create this website.
  2. My mom is 55, and few years back she had undergone arthroscopic knee surgery. So far she is doing ok but I know she will need that surgery in future for sure. Thus to be prepared for future knee replacement surgery for my mom I created this website. And hopefully by then I will be having many success stories on my website which will reenforce her decision.Mom be ready!
  3. Also as a reason for my passion for this subject. Can you imagine when some one who is hardly able to walk due to unbearable pain in knees come to you with the hope. I have seen miraculous result where in people can walk independently after surgery and you could see happiness and satisfaction on their face. And in hindu religion( & also in all religion) they give you blessings. That was so satisfactory that I thought why not share it with other through medium of internet.
  4. Also doctors are super busy and they would like to see as many patients as possible in allocated time. I do not think anything wrong with it but due to this so many times patients are not prepared properly for this surgery and it is my humble effort to educate all the patients and family member about this great surgical treatment option for knee arthritis.

Let me tell you honestly that as you know, English is not my first language so you might find some English structure and grammer mistakes. Please pardon me for that but see the information.


  1. Total Knee Replacement & Rehabilitation- The Knee Owner's manual By Daniel J Brugioni, M.D. and Jeff Falkel, Ph.D., P.T.
  2. Hip and Knee surgery by Robert Edward Kennon, M.D.
  3. So many websites

Above mentioned books help me structure my content greatly and I would say it is must for any person going for knee replacement surgery.

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If you find my content helpful to you please share it with your family and friends so that they can get relief from this crippling knee arthritis pain. Also if you have any suggestions for me please contact me through my filling up following form.

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