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Knee Replacement Explained is a website created with the purpose of educating patients about knee joint problems and their treatment options with emphasis on knee joint replacement surgery.

Welcome to my website. I am Ankur Desai, a physiotherapist from India who recently immigrated to Canada. Check the about me page to learn more about me and the purpose of creating this website.

Here I would like to share information as well as ask people who underwent surgery to share their results so that people can understand the surgery better.

So many times I have seen that when patients come for consultation with knee surgeons regarding their knee pain there is always a time constraint.

Have you ever felt that the doctor whom you have consulted is always in hurry? Forget about your knee replacement surgeons how about your family physician? If you have not then you are lucky. So many people complain that their doctor hurries them.

Why this hurry?

In those scenarios you or the patient forgets to ask all their queries and so they remain concerned about the outcome of surgery.

Thus they delay the operation or else they go for the operation with questions unanswered.

I want to try to answer the unanswered questions of those patients so they will become about their surgical decision.

Are you suffering from severe knee pain? Have you tried other alternatives for your pain but found nothing is helping you out?

Have you consulted a surgeon and after a long wait did they suggest you undergo a unilateral or bilateral knee operation?

Have you already undergone knee joint replacement surgery and are now looking for post operative knee rehabilitation?

Or you are still having knee replacement problems like pain and post operative stiffness?

I am asking you all these questions because these are some of the most common questions many patients have. They can not ask the surgeon because of the timing constraint.

Knee joint replacement is one of the most common elective surgeries that patients undergo after detailed diagnosis to rule out any other cause of knee pain.

Every year more than 500,000 knee replacement surgeries are performed all around the world with great surgical outcome.

The number of surgeries performed every year is going up day by day as the awareness for arthroplasty surgeries is gaining more popularity due to the aging of baby boomers.

Since arthritis is the most common knee joint problem in elderly populations the demand for surgery will continuously increase in coming years along with the increase in knee arthritis and a greater awareness of knee arthoplasty.

For the sake of convenience my website has been divided into different parts ranging from knee arthritis, knee pain, types of knee replacement surgery,knee rehab, knee arthroscopy and so on.

Take your own time in going through the website.

At anytime you think you have a question or suggestion for me please let me know by contacting me.

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