Cost Of Knee Replacement

Is cost of knee replacement bothering you because you are uninsured?

Have you got a question how much to pay for your knee surgery?

Are you shopping around for your total or partial knee replacement surgery to get rid of your knee arthritis?

Have you got insurance or mediclaim (as they call it in India)or OHIP or any other insurance where you do not have to pay much?

Are you looking for medical travel or a small vacation where you can undergo treatment and also enjoy hospitality?

cost of knee replacement

Average cost of knee replacement surgery in USA is around 35000 to 40000 USD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Uk it is around 14k to 18k GBP.

In Canada its around 18000 to 20000 CAD or more.

So if you have insurance or medicare or any other government funded options you do not have to worry as you will not be paying this much amount of money.

As we already know what is total knee replacement I do not have to stretch it out.

Still if you want to learn more about it please go through total knee replacement surgery and partial knee replacement surgery pages to understand whole procedure.

Knee replacement Package

Have you heard about all inclusive knee replacement packages?

Well if not then you must have heard some other name essentially for the same thing and we would love to hear what your doctor or hospital would call it.

A typical cost of knee replacement package includes :

  • Knee replacement implants
  • Knee surgeon fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Operation theater charges
  • Post operative hospital stay(Usually for 5-7 days)
  • Indoor rehabilitation
  • Food
  • Medications during hospital stay
  • Post discharge followup check ups
  • depending on facility or hospital other relevant expenses

Not included in cost of knee replacement package:

  • Home based therapy sessions
  • Knee CPM
  • Any other medications
  • Home alterations to accommodate physical limitations like buying knee replacement products
  • Should any knee replacement related complication or problems arises(although very rarely) then necessary treatment for it.
  • etc(Your doctor can tell you more and you must ask this.)

Typical USA based knee replacement cost can be in high 40000 USD. This is amongst the highest cost paid by any patient from any part of the world.

So if you have insurance from your job or medicare you do not have to worry so much as cost of knee replacement surgery is covered.

You might have to pay few extra dollars depending on your insurance plan and your knee replacement recovery. Those expenses can be ranging from few hundred to few thousand dollars depending on deductibles and coinsurance.

Although as you have an insurance you would be paying less money because medical companies make a deal with hospitals and so you pay less. Talk to your provider or doctor and ask all details.

What if you are uninsured? Does that mean you will be paying 40K USD to relieve your knee pain. No not necessarily as hospitals and doctors make special packages for those who are not insured.

Although not advisable to delay your surgery, if you can not afford those hefty fees you can try any of these following alternatives:

  1. Alternative treatments
  2. Medical tourism
  3. Partial Knee replacement- partial knee replacement can be a good alternative for total surgery as it can be done for half of the cost of total knee joint replacement.(Please note not all individuals are right for partial knee replacement and you must consult your doctor).


Weather insured or uninsured you might have to pay few extra dollars for life style modifications or other things other than cost of total knee replacement.

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