Typical Knee surgery cost

Knee Surgery cost

Searching for Knee surgery cost can be very confusing and time consuming.

Let me help you out here with this important issue of financing your knee surgery.

First of all let us see different knee surgery procedures to understand correct option for you and see their associated cost related to it.

Knee surgery cost depends on many variables like:

  • Type of treatment
  • Type of knee injury- arthritis, ligament, ACL
  • From which country you belong to and to be more precise which state or province you come from)
  • Your private health insurance status

Factors affecting knee surgery cost

Type of knee injury: depending on the knee injury, cost can vary from few thousand dollars to 35-60 thousand dollars for each knee.

Type of Insurance and coverage: Knee surgery cost depends vary heavily on the type of insurance you have and also on the hospital you go to.

  • The reason for that is if you have insurance you might not have to pay anything at all or some co-pay money and some other associated cost with it.
  • But if you do not have insurance then you have to pay all money mentioned above from your own pocket.
  • A thorough research on potential cost of treatment should be done in order to avoid hefty charges from your pocket and also to avoid major debt.
  • Also you have to see the doctor and tell him to give you medical codes for treatments he is recommending for you which you can send it to your insurance company to find out what all treatment are covered and thus how much money you will be paying out of your pocket.
  • You should also see other costs associated with surgery like rehab, braces, medications to calculate your costs.

Country and their healthcare system: A major factor for surgery cost is also country ( to be precise state or province) and their government healthcare system.

  • I have first hand experience with 2 countries namely CANADA and India and I have heard a lot about USA healthcare as well.
  • In Canada where I live now the healthcare is government funded and so patient does not have to pay a lot or nothing at all.
    So very minimal money has to be spend by person going for knee surgery.
  • India, my home country has both government and privately run healthcare system But majority of work is carried out in private sector as such because of infrastructure. Still I would say privately run healthcare organization are way cheaper when you compare it with USA or any developed country healthcare system.
  • USA is very expensive for any health treatment but it is heavily dependent on health insurance.Still if you compare it with Canada which has similar standards of treatment to USA,in Canada we do not pay anything for so many treatments and diagnosis. In USA I think having insurance protects you against unexpected hospital expenses and also helps you in amount of money you pay as a co-pay for knee surgery cost.

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