Double Knee Replacement disadvantages

Double Knee replacement surgery disadvantages? Ya there are advantages and disadvantages of it and I think we all must be aware about it.

But if you already have not done so please go through advantages section first before reading this section. Or else you can read it first and then go to advantages section. Which ever you are pleased with.

First of all though let me tell you that having a bilateral knee replacement surgery can mostly make your life in 98% of cases but then there is 2% chances where in it can break your life too.

We have already seen advantages but let us discuss disadvantages in detail so that you can relate to it.

double knee replacement


Disadvantages of bilateral knee replacement surgery are as follows:

  1. Ideally we say we should try something first and then if it works well then you can go for more. Same thing applies over here too. If you better after first surgery then you can certainly go for second surgery.What if you have gone for bilateral knee surgery and you are not feeling better with both of them? You do not have any other alternative now.
  2. What happens if infection develops? Although post TKR infections are not common and you have to be really unlucky person to develop infections but what happens if you develop infections in your replaced knee? At least you have 1 natural knee to use but if you go for double knee replacement you are gone. You have nothing left.
  3. Hospital stay can be bit longer then unilateral surgery. Let me say you are on tight schedule and you have limited time for surgery and recovery, what will happen if you have to stay longer. It could be disadvantage for many people. In some cultures family members time schedule is of importance as well.
  4. Recovery time can be longer then unilateral depending on the way you see it.
  5. Your body may be not even ready for 1 knee surgery leave alone 2 surgery. So if you go for double knee replacement surgery then you are taking a major risk.
  6. Money also matters. Especially where there is no universal or government sponsored health care and you have to pay from your own pocket then it could be a major expense. In some countries you could cover your 1 major surgery for year depending on the amount of insurance you have . So going for bilateral knee replacement is not a feasible option for you.

Well individual circumstances may vary and depending on circumstances you have to take your own decision.

But still I would say take a thoroughly researched decision about your double knee replacement surgery.

Check advantages section here before you decide.

(Please note that some of this disadvantages according to me may be of advantage to you.)

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