Bilateral Knee Replacement recovery

Bilateral Knee Replacement surgery?Double knee replacement surgery?

What you call it? Does not matter what you call it as long as you know in and out about that surgical option for your arthritis knee pain.

Should you go for it or not?

How will be your recovery after this major surgery on both of your knees togather?

Will you be able to cope with the pain of not one but two major surgeries on your knees?

How will it feel to walk after both knees replaced togather?

Why doctor prefer you to undergo bilateral surgery if you can?

Let us dig deep into it and understand whole point.

bilateral knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery has been performed as preferred osteoarthritis treatment for arthritis knee pain since 1970. There are around 500000 TKR done only in America in a year and the no is increasing.

What is Bilateral Knee Replacement surgery? - It is same replacement surgery but performed on your both knees in 1 hospitalization.

Usually your stay will be bit longer then 1 knee TKR, I mean by few days not much.

Usually in unilateral TKR your stay at the hospital is 4-6 days but in double knee replacement surgery it would extend by extra 2-3 days.

Things to consider

Should you go for it? Let me say something here.

You would be the right person to answer this question as individual circumstances vary from person to person.

What may be right for me may be not right for you. And may be it is right for you to but there is something else which does not let you go for it.

So please take informed decision. Talk to your family and friends about it and talk to others who have undergone double knee replacement surgery so that you get confident.

Though let me warn you here that not all people are good for knee replacement especially on both knees at the same time .

Having said that I would like to say it is a convenient option for you if you know that your both knees will need knee replacement sooner or later and you have mentally prepared yourself for it.

Let us compare advantages and disadvantages which will help you in deciding to go or not to go for surgery.

Advantages of bilateral Knee replacement surgery over unilateral knee arthoplasty are as follows:

  1. In 1 hospitalization you can finish both your surgeries thus you do not need to go for your surgery second time.(Unless revision knee replacement needed)
  2. It could be time saving as well as money saving too. Because you are going for 2 surgeries in 1 visit you can strike a deal with your doctor if it is a practice in your country.( Nothing wrong in trying right?) I think if you ask doctor would be more pleased to do something for you and thus you might save your money.
  3. It could be cheaper too for followup visits and for other testings too if needed.
  4. Quite funny but many of my patient told me that the most important advantage for going for bilateral knee replacement is they do not have to see me twice. hahahaha.........! Am I that bad? Still if you do not know me please check about me page.It is true too from patient perspective.
  5. You do not need to have knee arthritis pain of your non operated knee.
  6. What I have observed is people really start enjoying their post operative life once they have got their both knees replaced. This is because when your both knees are replaced you do not have pain in your knees and you can enjoy your life better.

Disadvantages of bilateral knee replacement surgery are discussed here.

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